I Have a Confession

I need to make a confession. I’m cheap. There you go. I’m just putting that out there. I am a cheapo. And my husband is worse. He’s like the cheapest cheapo ever. I love him for it (most of the time).

So, I don’t have a fancy camera. Nope. Until closing day, I was using an old hand-me-down cell phone from my mother-in-law.  I got a new phone for my birthday (quite possibly the only time my husband has successfully surprised me in over a dozen years). It has a decent camera, but definitely nothing great. Still just a cell phone camera. We also have some cheap pocket digital camera that we got at Sam’s Club years ago. I know that in this day of Pinterest and Houzz and blogs galore, there is some great eye candy to be seen. Not here. At least not right now. Someday I might ask for a camera for my birthday/anniversary/Christmas present, but I just can’t bring myself to spend lots of money on a camera. I could buy an entire garage full of thrifted furniture for the price of one of those things. And this year my anniversary/Christmas present is already used up. Heck, I think Mr. Cheap said that home purchases were spilling over into Valentine’s day. He’s so romantic. I’ll take a sofa cover over flowers and chocolate any day!

While I’m making confessions, I have to let you know that I had to put that phone in rice after owning it for two weeks. Also, it already has a crack on the screen at the top corner. It has made a full recovery, much more than I can say about the Razr I washed back in 2006 after my hubby had it for one week.

I am addicted to chapstick. Who isn’t, right? That’s like saying “I like coffee.” Duh. I’m American.

I lose measuring tapes. I blame other people. Sometimes it is not my fault. All of my boys inherited my measuring-tape-losing genes. They usually always get them as stocking stuffers and yet they always need to borrow mine. So yeah, it really isn’t always my fault. But lots of times it is. I’m pretty sure I have purchased two dozen tape measures in as many months. I buy the little roll up ones from Hobby Lobby like they’re candy. So bright and fun. I think I lose them at Goodwill.  I get them out to measure furniture and then I leave them on the dresser? Maybe the garage eats them like dryers eat socks? I’m not sure where they all go, but it is a problem. A real problem. It’s a running joke how often I say, “Who took my tape measure?” It’s like chapstick. When was the last time you finished a chapstick before it got lost? Thank you very much. That’s my point. Tape measures are the same for me.tape measure

tape measureOkay, so we’ve taken care of some vulnerable confessions. I’m cheap. I’m a clutz. I don’t check pockets before doing laundry.  I love chapstick. I lose tape measures. I blame people. So now I’m feeling close enough to you guys to air my dirty laundry. Actually, I have a literal dirty laundry post forthcoming, but I just mean I feel we’re close enough to keep it real. The next post will be full of reality, though the actual dirty laundry post will come later.


For the record: Mr. Cheap doesn’t like chapstick or coffee although he is fully American. I realize he may not be the only one. Do not send me hate mail if you are American and yet hate coffee. I know your type exists. #Weirdos


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