Better late than never.

When I last posted, I mentioned our Fall break trip and told you it was time to move once we returned. I promise to get back to that, and I have a couple of posts in the hopper, but I am totally going to jump forward so that I can show you my Christmas decor.


Decorating for Christmas this year was pretty easy, considering I hadn’t gotten around to doing anything in the way of decorating yet. I didn’t have to take anything down, or move stuff around to make room for Christmas decorations. It was easy, but it was still chaotic.

I was way behind schedule due to the move and an extended Fall break, and other urgent projects that needed to be done around here. I have always been a day-after-Thanksgiving kinda girl. Not before. Not three days after. Friday. Period. That’s why the extra day off is nicely built-in at the end of the week like that. It is the day you are SUPPOSED to put up the tree. You just are. Don’t argue with me. Don’t listen to retailers. The Friday following the fourth Thursday of November is for decorating.

But yeah, that didn’t happen this year. I very briefly considered skipping it all together, since I was already so far behind and so busy. Plus, we were living in the middle of this:


Check out this fine assortment of boxes, collected mostly from Walmart. You could have guessed we weren’t the box-buying type, right? And yes, that is painter’s tape. We ran out of packing tape. Again.


I decided to do it anyway, even if it would take up my precious time and be up for shorter than usual. I love decorating for Christmas and so do the boys. Who cares if the rest of the house is a wreck? We could retreat to the peaceful, pretty living room and pretend like our lives were calm.

Heck, I even let the kids and the hubs place the ornaments this year. I didn’t even re-do it all after they went to bed. Nope. They are all still exactly where they left them, and I am not even bothered by it. Look at me, being all relaxed and not controlling. Woohoo! Let’s hope that does not continue, because this house can’t handle it.


trees noel nativitytable


Temporary tv placement?