Tropical Foliage

I’m just popping in with a surprise Saturday post because I wanted to show you these trees I spruced up. (Hahaha. Get it? Spruce?)

green spray paint and silver Christmas trees

See the trees in the background there? I’ve had this for a few years now, and it is showing its age. It was just cheap “silver” to begin with and it is starting to be a funky shade of cracker-jack ring metal. You know the color? Dull in parts and shiny in others and makes your hands stink when you touch it?

I love this shade of green. Not quite Kelly Green, just a bit brighter. I would have named it Kiwi. It is called Tropical Foliage and is from Lowe’s Summer 2013 line. I used it on a couple of projects this Summer and really loved it. The boys originally picked it for their beds (you’ll see the updated version soon-ish), since it was also available in latex. I picked up a couple extra cans in late September, because they have discontinued colors on me before. Argh.

Valspar Tropical Foliage spray paint

It was stinking cold outside when I sprayed this, and I knew it wouldn’t dry if left outside, so I laid it inside a box to spray prime it and then drug the box just inside the back door. I let it dry for maybe ten minutes while I started dinner (yes, I was painting by only the porch light) and then drug it back outside for a coat of paint while the chicken simmered. It was dry enough to touch before we even finished dinner.

Green painted Christmas trees

I try to do one DIY Christmas decor project each year, but this was about as close as it came this year. (Unless you count the snowman ornaments the boys made, but they were far from difficult. Just those ornaments that you take the top off and fill up.) So yeah, not a whole lot of creativity going on this year, but I already have plans for this bright green row of Christmas trees for next year. I think they will make the perfect backdrop for a Lego minifigure snow village!

My husband is off work from now until after the new year. We are going to spend some time with family, work on some projects, and get this blog organized enough that we can “go live.”  I’ll be back in January to pick up where I left off with our move into this house.

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