Moving Day

We closed a week before we moved things in, but we were here every night that week working on the floor as well as cleaning. This place was gross!

One evening when I pulled up, a neighbor was just getting out of her vehicle. She walked over and introduced herself. Normal new-neighbor chat. “I’m______. My husband is ______. Where are you guys moving from? Do you homeschool?” Wait. What? I wasn’t even wearing my denim jumper. In fact, I was wearing leggings. As pants. Gasp! (No offense to denim-jumper-wearing homeschoolers or leggings-as-pants wearers. I love you both!)

I have moved lots of times, and “do you homeschool?” is not usually in the top two questions asked by new neighbors. It rarely makes the top 1,578 questions. It’s kind of a thing you bring up yourself, ya know? I said (while trying to decide if I should be excited or scared that I moved next door to a really quick-working stalker), “Yehhhs, do yoooou?” She doesn’t. Her two young children are not yet school age. She went on to point out four or five houses on the block that homeschool. More like “around the corner.” We live on this T-like intersection where our street meets a cul-de-sac and continues around a corner. I know that makes no sense. You’d have to see it. Anyway, they are not all “on our street” as some are “on our T.” But I’ll take it.

We’ve made some decisions in the last couple of years that we know for sure were the right things to do, but not everyone in our lives agreed. Making the move back to Edmond was kind of the “wrapping up” of those decisions. I had prayed that God would show me, without a doubt, that we were doing the right thing. When that perfect stranger told me my street was full of homeschoolers and foster parents (we don’t personally foster at this point in our lives), the bushes might as well have been on fire. I’m crying as I type this. God has been so good to my family!

Anyway…too serious…back to moving…

We had two moving days. Kinda. One before Fall break, and one after. We had renters lined up to move into our house, and of course they wanted to do so on the day after we were returning from Chicago. They seem to be a great family that we were thrilled to have live in our home (and love on our brand new kitchen↓) and they have friends on the block, so we were trying to be as accommodating as possible.

modern tuxedo kitchen

Eat-in kitchenkitchen island pendants






They were selling their house and planning to rent ours while they built their dream home. Their closing fell through and they didn’t need to move in as expected, but we found that out while we were on vacation and had already moved practically everything. Had I foreknew what would happen, we would have completed several projects at the new house before moving in, especially the classroom and master floor. But it was what it was.

Penske truck

This was Friday afternoon when we first got the truck. Notice that the two youngest are in flip-flops and the oldest has on his puffy coat (he’s the most like his Momma). It dropped over 20 degrees in about one hour. The rain started soon after.

Before we left for Nashville, we rented a moving truck. We loaded it up on a Friday night and unloaded it on a Saturday morning-ish. The plan was to have everything moved so that all we had to do was clean and touch up paint once we returned from vacation, since the renters were to move in the following day. Of course it was raining that Friday night. And we were experiencing record lows. It was October, but it was freezing! And I don’t just mean my freezing (anything below 70°), I mean it was literally freezing rain in October in Oklahoma. And for some reason, we only had one person show up to help us. Maybe because it was freezing rain in October? We are forever indebted. You know who you are!

moving truck

The sun was out and it was dry on Saturday.

Saturday was much better. It was 33° that morning, but we hit 56° by the afternoon. We had zero help lined up to unload the truck. We only have one set of friends that live in Edmond that we feel are close enough to ask for moving help, and they were away at an OSU game (I know. I know. We love them dearly anyway.) We started unloading the truck and within  minutes of noticing us, we had neighbors over to help. People we just met. To unload a moving truck. In the cold. While football was on. Yeah, I have no regrets or doubts about moving here. (Of course, we have since made ourselves hermits and they probably all think we hate them. I’ll come out in Spring, ladies. I look forward to meeting the rest of you when it thaws out.)


We spent Saturday unloading the truck (we had to run back to Norman for a smaller second trip) and did a bit more cleaning and then we got up and left Sunday morning for Nashville.

Fire hydrant at the Grand Ole Opry

Grand Ole Opry (My middle son has a thing for fire hydrants.)

Dukes of Hazard Museum, Nashville

Dukes of Hazard Museum, Nashville

Swimming pool

It was in the low 80s in Nashville. Too cold for Momma to swim, but the boys enjoyed it.

After a few days at the Gaylord, we drove up to the Chicago area to visit friends. We went into the city to do some sight seeing.

The Great Chicago Fire Hydrants, an art expo by Wintrust

The Great Chicago Fire Hydrants: an art expo presented by Wintrust. These were placed throughout the city and several were located in a park just across from The Navy Pier.

Cloud Gate "The Bean" in Chicago

Cloud Gate (Called “The Bean” by Chicagoans)





When we left Chicago, we finished up the Eastern end of Route 66. (We did the Western end–OK to CA–a few years ago.)

Boys on Route 66

Missing section of Route 66

A section of Route 66 completely unusable today.

When we got back to Oklahoma, it was time for the REAL moving day. I am rarely excited to move (I’m sure that sounds like an odd thing to say considering I’ve moved, by choice, two dozen times in my adult life), but I was excited about this move.

I was ready to quit dragging out the process. I was tired of driving 45 minutes each way to clean other people’s funk. I was ready to start making this our home.



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