Master Floor

Remember when I said that there was damage to the master bedroom floors and that we were able to salvage the floors elsewhere in the house, but that we would have to replace the master bedroom flooring? Remember we finished all the floors (except the master bedroom), moved our belongings and then went on vacation?

Well, we went ahead and ran that sander over the floors in there right before we returned it, just in case. We figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if we could sand them way down to get rid of the buckling/waviness. We didn’t even vacuum and mop in there to see if it had been successful. We literally just shut the door and walked away. For weeks.

When we returned from vacation, we had to get back to doing school, my husband went back to work, we unpacked a few boxes here and there in the evenings. We were tired. We didn’t tackle any projects for awhile. (Do hanging window treatments, doing other minor mandatory items, and making Halloween costumes count as projects?) We just unpacked and enjoyed our last few days of light before it was time to “Fall back.” (As if unpacking isn’t “tackling projects.”) We walked the neighborhood. We went to the park. We rode bikes. We slept in the guest room for six weeks.

When we were “settled enough” (a very long way from really being settled) and had worked up some energy and motivation to tear out those floors, it was time to get to work. vacuum wood floorsWe went in and vacuumed so as to not be throwing dust everywhere along with wood pieces. I realized we could fully open and close the closet doors. We couldn’t do that before because the wood was swelled up and curled. Also, the rest of the room was only slightly wavy. 20131201_144141So, we got out the belt sander and took it to the high spots. I honestly thought we were wasting a weekend, and expected to have sanded down to the tongue and groove by this point. Thankfully these were thick floors! woohoo!




The floor was definitely not perfect. It had some imperfections, but we were pleasantly surprised that we were able to get it level.

This was the biggest gap we had.

This was our biggest gap.


The imperfections were minimal enough that we were willing to try and work with them rather than tearing out all of this wood (that was nailed and glued in..ugh) and paying for new flooring.

Minor imperfections

Minor imperfections









We filled the cracks with wood filler, let it dry, then sanded smooth again.

Fill minor imperfections with wood filler/putty.After wood filler and sanding

Repaired gap

This is the biggest gap, after being filled and sanded.




We both prefer carpet in a bedroom, but more than that we prefer saving our money. If we had to get new flooring, we would have gone with carpet in here, but salvaging this floor put us months closer to a kitchen remodel or a vacation (both things we like more than carpet). Besides that, look how great this floor turned out.

finished wood floors