The Last Shall be First

Our master bedroom is usually the last to be done. It just doesn’t ever cry out for attention. It doesn’t involve the kids (I like to do their spaces first to help them adjust to a new home), we don’t make or eat meals in there, visitors rarely see it, we only go in there to sleep and stuff or dump clean laundry. Sometimes it has been second-to-last if we needed to save our pennies for a kitchen remodel or something major, but considering only regular ol’ paint and decorating, the master bedroom is definitely last.

But thanks to a damaged floor and lime-colored paint, the last shall be first. Finally! Glory hallelujah! You have paid your dues and your turn has come.master bedroom

It isn’t completely finished, but I just couldn’t wait to get an actual room picture up on this blog. Finally!

For about six weeks, the hubs and I slept in the guest/game room (which connects to the boys’ room via a Jack and Jill bath) on a full-size bed. Did you read that?! Full size! If you knew how I sleep, you’d understand how huge this is.

We’ve lived in a two-story house before, but we all slept on the second level. Our master is downstairs here. We probably would have slept upstairs near the kids for a week by choice while we all adjusted to the new noises of this house even if the floor wasn’t ruined in our bedroom, but six weeks was overkill. I was ready for decent sleep. I love my hubby, and I enjoyed the forced cuddling, but I missed my bed. Besides, that bathroom is for three boys. Eww.

So the floor HAD to be done, and then I figured since the room was empty we should go ahead and paint. But then why stop there? Wouldn’t it be pretty easy just to decorate as we reload the room? So the master bedroom got bumped up the list, and for the first time ever, it was not the last space to be called finished. (“Called finished” is different than actually finished.)

You guys! I’m not so great with the photography and lighting thing. Who knew that was so hard? Kudos to all the photographers out there. I WILL learn. It WILL take time. Hopefully you can look past the harsh shadows and horrible lighting until that happens.

MCM bench

I added some foam to this MCM teak coffee table and covered it in gray fabric a while back. It originally was purchased for our dining table before I found chairs I liked, then it moved to the entry way, and then it landed in our last living room under a gallery wall. I thought the warm wood frame with the cool gray fabric was the perfect jumping-off point in this room, so I brought it in for the foot of our bed.

These books were just curated from our collection based solely on their color. That New York one is from Barnes and Noble and was a gift to ourselves (with a super 50% off Christmas sale) the year after our trip to New York.


This basket was from Target on clearance, the white blanket was also purchased on clearance after the “back-to-college” event. The gray crocheted (knitted? Not my thing.) throw was thrifted about 4 years ago and was used as an over-sized baby blanket.

We picked this rug up from Home Goods in Norman (it’s providence that Norman didn’t get a Home Goods until right before we moved; I could go broke “saving money” there). Both of us prefer carpet in a bedroom, and this super-plush and soft rug is working wonderfully!

The black and white hounds tooth throw was from Burlington Coat Factory several years ago. It is actually a huge shawl and I got it as a nursing cover to use in our freezing-cold church with my June baby. It works perfectly when I just need a bit of warmth while I type, when a full-size throw/blanket would be annoyingly cumbersome.


This rocking chair is blue underneath there and I got it from JBF when I had my third son. I had an old, squeaky glider from a garage sale with my first, and a borrowed glider (much quieter and smoother!) with my second. I finally sprung for a (used) comfy chair for my third, and wouldn’t you know it, that little booger slept through the night at a few weeks old and got down to business when it came to eating. (Nothing I did, he was just born that way!) I made this white slip cover for it last year and the year before. I say that because it took me nine months. Most frustrating project to date. I had to set it aside and come back several times.

This chair didn’t get used as much for nursing as I anticipated, but my little man has his afternoon milk and popcorn in it nearly every day. It is his special spot (and is usually covered with a blanket to prevent stains). The charcoal throw and turquoise pillow are both from IKEA.

The turquoise storage ottoman is from TJ Maxx a few years ago. It held baby toys in the living room for a while. I brought it in until I can decide on a side table. I have a couple options in the garage. I’m liking it here, but I need a little safer spot for a cup of coffee. This white ottoman glides, and I’m a klutz. Besides that, I like my feet to go there.

This floor lamp is from Lowe’s, and it was part of a pair. The other one is in the boys’ room. They came with plain white shades, but I think I’ll do something to it, or use a different one completely?

I’ll decide what to do with that wall space after I decide on a side table and a lamp shade.

barnwood frame

I mentioned that this picture was on my desk for years. It used to be in a pink and green frame that matched my desk accessories, but I switched it to a new frame when I moved it in here. This is just a cheap black frame from the Dollar Tree. I dry brushed it with some gray paint for a faux barn-wood effect. (Remember that unused paint sample that was too dark?)

N nightstand

The frame on my husband’s night stand is from the Threshold line and was purchased on clearance. It has wood tone and gray in one item; clearly it was fate that I found it for this room. I don’t understand why Target gets all new stuff every time I turn around, but it makes for some awesome deals! Hooray for consumerism! .

Our bed-side lamps were thrifted for a 70’s theme party for my 35th birthday. One was mauve and one was gold sponge painted when I got them. I spray painted them orange for the party and then turquoise/teal afterwards. The party was just before a kitchen remodel, so my SIL and I (it was a joint party with my twin brother) went all out since we were about to tear things out. I may have painted some appliances avocado. I might have talked my husband into hanging paneling. There was macrame. I wish I was blogging back then! Fun times!

That’s my husband in a wig! He’s so fun!

My hair started out as Farrah Fawcett wings. Should have used Aqua Net. See the lamp there in the background? And, yes, that is an incense tray.

My hair started out as Farrah Fawcett wings. Should have used Aqua Net. See the lamp there in the background? And, yes, that is an incense tray.


Nightstands are a very personal thing, I get that. Completely ignore anything I say if your husband would flip out if you moved his books or remote or whatever it is that goes there. But, if he’s pretty chill about his nightstand like mine, consider unifying the two by using similar, but not exact, items. We each have a stack of books and a favorite picture. We have succulents, but not in matching vases. The glass of my vase ties into his water glass (a must for him! I prefer a bottle, and it gets moved every morning. His cup stays there and gets refilled. He must think I dust this place.) I have a wooden bowl for lotion and a couple of tubes of chapstick (because if you drop one and it rolls under the bed and you can’t find it in the night, it would be disastrous to not have a back up). He has a wooden tray for his water and succulent. We currently have matching tissue boxes, but that is not always the case. We also each have a stack of books underneath. They aren’t necessarily what we are currently reading. I’m shallow and decorate with books. So what.


his nightstand my nightstand

My husband made these night stands. They were the first ever piece of furniture that I “designed” (I use that term loosely; they’re just a cube inside a cube) and that he built. I scribbled out a horrible pic on a piece of paper and he brought it to life. It’s like I was Chayse Dacoda and I had my very own Andrew Dan-Jumbo.(What? You forgot who they are?) It was the start of something beautiful! We’ve used them since 2003. I think they hold a record for longest usage of anything in our home. They were just intended to be temporary until we could afford “grown up” furniture. I still love them!

cube nightstand

Pretty fancy, huh? A cube in the corner of a cube with some casters.

real nightstand

And just a reality shot…clock, water bottle, phone charger…


dresser and shelf

That large white lamp was from a garage sale with a great cause. It was black before I tried this paint method. (For the record, I totally disagree with that blogger about cobalt. Those lamps could be gorgeous with yellow or even just crisp white, but I don’t understand the black base.) The shade is from IKEA…the only place that sells shades this size for less than a kazillion dollars.


The mid-century dresser was thrifted for a buffet in our dining area several years ago. It was a medium tone when I got it (as is most mid-century wood), but I stained it to match the kitchen table. It was moved to the bedroom at some point to function as a TV stand and to actually hold clothes. I hate seeing the DVD player and cable box on the floor, but I burned up our last one when I put it in a drawer, so I’m not allowed to do that again. (I even drilled holes for air flow.) Maybe I’ll hinge it? Convert it to a pull-out tray with a faux drawer front?

wedding photo nanda ikat M and coral

The as-is $3 Lack shelf from IKEA holds some random items, including the “M” that was previously purple and turquoise. I’m not loving the color of the “N” and “A.” They might get painted.

canopy bed

The bed is Signature by Ashley. It was called Averille, but has been discontinued (we got it about six years ago). They still have a similar style, but the posts have a bit more detailing. Overstock has a couple that have more clean, modern lines if you’re interested.

closet and mirror

That’s my closet door there to the right of the bed; the leaning floor mirror we made from an old mirrored-closet door functions perfectly there.

I have something in mind for this blank wall over the bed, and I need to finish the area around the chair, as well as do something with the TV components and paint our initials. So it’s not completely finished, but it is definitely close enough to call it!




  1. I have the same bed but it’s in storage.. would you be able to share with me the measurementsnof the bed.. I need to know the exact height of the posts and the width of the head board with both front posts? I hope you receive this as your picture was the only picture I could find online.. please help…

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