I heart hearts.

I’m not exactly sure why,  but I love decorating for Valentine’s day. Maybe it’s the pink? My desire to decorate a girl nursery unfulfilled?  Maybe it’s mental?  The bright colors tell my brain warmer weather is just around the corner?

I am not a hopeless romantic. I didn’t plan my wedding as a child, like lots of little girls do. I never envisioned my prince charming on a white horse. I hate Disney princess movies. (Well, the one that I’ve seen.) I find Valentine’s day itself much too commercial, and I feel sorry for single people and attached people alike. (Single for obvious reasons, but even those “in love” because of all the expectations and pressure.)

I don’t know. It just really isn’t my thing. Or at least it hasn’t always been. But somewhere along the way I started loving to decorate for V day. Maybe I can blame/thank my oldest son? He lamented once, a few years ago, that we only ever decorate for Christmas. Since then, it has been our thing to at least put out some effort for what we call the “significant holidays.”

Haha. Valentine’s day is neither significant, nor technically a holiday. But whatever. For some reason, that I can’t explain, I fell in love with it. How ironic.

I go all out. We do Valentine’s buckets (think Easter baskets) for the kids. We host or attend a homeschool party where we exchange Valentines and eat heart-shaped sandwiches or pizza.  We put quite a bit of effort into decorating (think Christmas).  I leave little notes starting ~February 1st. We make treats and themed lunches the week prior.

So yeah, it’s pretty much a big deal around here. Except not like flowers and jewelry and fancy dates. I’m still not a fan of all that. I’d much prefer my husband lay some tile or clean out the gutters, and so would he. We’ve got a really great thing going! I love that man! Every day!

I have some Valentine projects to show you over the next few posts, but I’ll just start by showing you a few simple changes we make to put us in the mood for love. Wait. No. Not that.

vday suckers

For starters, I go buy these Jolly Rancher suckers as soon as they hit the stores, and I pick up another bag or two every time I get groceries. Okay, okay, that has nothing to do with decorating or crafting or DIY in anyway. But they are only available for Valentine’s Day. They come with pink lemonade flavor, which is not available any other time anywhere that I can find. So I buy enough to last all year, but they’re gone before Summer. Sigh. If anyone knows where to find pink lemonade Jolly Ranchers (in any form, doesn’t have to be heart suckers), please let me know.

entry hello love more









I change the “hello” in the entry to “love more.”

vday candles

I switch the candles to pink and red.

vdy pillows

I put out throws and pillows with hearts on them.

vday throw

I usually get Valentine paper plates on which to serve our heart-themed lunches for a couple weeks, but this year I bought melamine so we can just wash them and use them for years. These were two for a dollar at the dollar spot.

vday plates

This year we have this “formal” dining area…ya know, the five-dollar door table. Very fancy! I got red plates from the Dollar Tree to use as chargers. They were $1 for a four pack.

wreath update vday wreath









I make a few changes to the Christmas wreath.

vday book

I put out some seasonal poetry and magnets.

vday magnets

I put out some signs and a runner.

love vday runner

So yeah, lots of simple little things that make it feel lovely around here. Next time I’ll show you a couple new projects for this year that I will be able to carry into future years.

vday baby sign

Thanks for reading. I love you guys! *sniff, sniff*





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