His Banner Over Me Is Love

Since we don’t get the luxury of a Thanksgiving or Winter break from school to decorate for Valentine’s Day like we do Christmas, I have to keep the projects short and sweet. I’d love to just cancel school from February 1-14th so we could cuddle up and watch movies, eat popcorn, drink hot chocolate, bask in love, and decorate… but I would regret it come Spring, so I resist the urge.

That said, these projects are all pretty simple. They’re things you can do in an evening or afternoon (with your kids, if they care about this stuff). Nothing too complicated or time consuming.

This little felt banner was practically done for us, (thank you, Hobby Lobby) but I wanted to personalize it for our space.

felt hearts

These were actually sold as ornaments. Do people put up Valentine’s trees? ‘Cause I could totally get behind that. Just take off the Christmas ornaments and change the lights to pink and red. Then add hearts and arrows. Oh yeah, I’m all over this idea. Let’s make it a thing. Next year.

vday ornaments

These were all in shades of pink and red, but I wanted to tie it into the turquoise that we already have going on in the living room, so I just bought some super cheap felt (25¢, but felt was 30% off).

turquoise felt

I traced the ornaments onto the felt to get the exact size and shape to add to my banner, then I made some smaller ones free-hand in order to dress it up a bit.

vday felt

I also got stickers (pretty pricey for six stickers, but 50% off when I purchased them) to make it even fancier. You know we do fancy around here.

vday stickers

I glued the layers together and cut holes into the hearts that weren’t pre-made. Then I just strung them all along some grosgrain ribbon I pulled from my stash.

glue felt layers cut hole in felt string on ribbon


Last year, I got this little mailbox from the dollar spot at Target in which to put love notes for my husband and boys. It was too small to hold all of them, so this year I got a wooden box on clearance.mailbox

wood box

It was intended as a gift box for Christmas, but apparently they were not big sellers. There were several left at all the Targets in my area in the weeks after Christmas.

vday box

I added one of my “fancy” stickers to make it more festive. This should be plenty big enough to hold all the little notes I write to them expressing my love of things I find them doing or attitudes I see exhibited or just characteristics about them that I love.

The mailbox will get used elsewhere. My three-year old has already been scribbling out some love notes to Mickey.

You guys have a good weekend and stay warm! We’re off to see The Lego Movie.

lego movie

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