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Okay, okay, one last Valentine’s craft for you and then I promise to move on to bigger and better things. I just love these little seasonal/holiday updates. They’re fun to do, plus they keep me from having to tackle the hard work that needs to be done. And there’s lots of it. We’ve got some actual construction projects in the hopper. It’s about to get real around here.

But first it’s going to be Valentine’s Day. And then it’s going to be a warm weekend. I can hardly contain myself!

So I was in the thrift store looking for a dresser since that whole Brakig thing didn’t work out at IKEA. I still haven’t found one, but I’m on the look out. Oh, I should mention that I ended up getting to go to IKEA when Snowmageddon: Round 18 ended up not being as bad as predicted. I made it with one day left on my return period. They took back the rug with no problems at all, I got a few things I needed for myself and a friend, and the kids had a blast. It’s like Disneyland for all of us! I must say that I’ve missed the rug a bit, even though I know it wasn’t the right one for me. Kinda like a breakup that’s for the best. Still a breakup. Sigh.

Oh yeah..thrift store. I usually can be in and out in three minutes or less. Maybe five if I have the kids in tow, because you know, everything takes twice as long with kids. Little legs. Car seat buckles. I have a definite method when I’m on the look out. There are times when we simply “go thrifting,” but many, many times we are in and out super fast.

I go straight to the back and do a quick sweep through the furniture, then I make a loop through housewares on the way back to the door. I almost never stop to look at clothes or books or anything else when I’m just on the look out. It has to literally be right in my path when I’m on these trips or I will miss it. Which is fine, I’m not there for other things. But sometimes stuff jumps out at me. Like this purse. It literally fell off the rack in front of me. I took it as a sign from God and bought it.

purse purse and flats

Just kidding. I don’t think God actually cares what purse I carry unless I’m going into debt for it or finding my worth in a label. Anyway. I bought it. Sign or not. It was cute. And cheap. And practically brand new (a must for used bags). And matched my flats. Okay, so maybe it WAS a sign?

I also saw these little framed heart prints for a quarter each.


They were definitely not my style. The print itself is a bit grandma chic, which is great, but not really my thing. The frame is plastic, but made to look like wood. It’s a funny pinkish color, though. But, for fiddy cent, I was all over them, y’all. How ya like that gangsta and hick all in one sentence? I’m trying to diversify my slang. I knew I could make these totes adorbs.

frame detail

See that faux wood grain and raised texture?

I loved the way my faux barn wood frame on my nightstand turned out so much that I thought I’d try it again with these. I figured these would look even better than the frame, what with that fancy molded-plastic wood thing happening and all.

barnwood frame

First, I unscrewed the back and removed the print. Then, I gave them a coat of black paint for the base.

price paint black

After the black paint dried, I dry brushed a coat of gray paint. I just barely got paint on the tip of the bristles and put it on sparingly, removing some with a baby wipe if I got too heavy handed.

gray paint hearts drybrush heart

There was still a bit too much black after only one coat.

first layer gray paint

I resisted the urge to add more paint at this point. I have learned that adding more now will negate the dry-brush effect. So I waited until the first coat of gray paint dried, and then I added more, using the same dry-brush method, and wiping away in spots.

faux barnwood

After the second coat of gray paint, I was pleased with the amount of coverage and I was loving the texture. Hooray for plastic molds!

While I was waiting on the frames to dry, I coated the prints in a layer of chalkboard paint.

chalkboard hearts

When everything was dry, I just reassembled and wrote some important dates in colored chalk.

chalkboard heart

I hung them over my desk with some Valentine crafts from previous years.


Tope, right? Imma totes hafta hang some legit decor after V’day. That blank wall normally looks ridic. It’s cray we been kickin’ in this crib for eight fortnights and it still ain’t pimped. (Diversity, ftw.)

desk area


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