Boys’ Room Breakdown

This will be another bumpy ride. I’m going to show you the remaining things we have going on in the boys’ room. I reserve the right to use poor paragraph structure, and to jump all over the place with my thoughts.

It’s not quite finished. I have a really difficult time declaring rooms finished, but for real this time. It’s not. I still need art on the walls (I have ideas, they just haven’t transpired yet), and I want to get another dresser in there. They have one in the closet, but their clothes just keep getting bigger and bigger. A pre-teen’s jeans just don’t fold up as small as a toddler’s, ya know? I was hoping to get this dresser from IKEA, but then they failed to make it available here in the USA. I’m still mad about it.


I’m definitely on the look out, hitting up all the nearby thrift stores multiple times per week, as well as scouring craigslist every day. If I weren’t so specific in my desire, I could have purchased several by now, but I’m set on a certain style (and I’m cheap!). We may end up building our own. We’ll see.


So this wall is pathetic looking, but it is where a “new” dresser will go and then I’ll put stuff on the wall above it.

We have a few seating options scattered around. We all gather in here every night for story time, and also we all watch family movies up here sometimes, so it’s nice to have places besides the bed to sit.

navy and green wire stool

This little stool was purchased from Target last Fall (late Summer?). On clearance, of course. I got it right after the boys picked Tropical Foliage as their triple bunk color. The green and navy were perfect and it was cheap. I think $5.98. I almost bought it when it was 50% off of $19.99, but they had several so I waited for 70%. Risky. I know. I live on the edge.

bean bag cube

We also have that bean bag cube that I showed you last week.

chrome frame chair

There is also a chair in the corner. I bought a pair of these from Habitat Restore a few years ago for TEN BUCKS! I recovered them in gray (they were mauve-ish) and they flanked the fireplace in my last living room, until one of them got broken. I’m not sure of the age, but they seem mid-century to me. I love the chrome, and I think it’s perfect in a boys’ room. I usually sit here at night with my decaf coffee while my hubs sits on the nearby bed and reads to the kids. It’s a beautiful life!

Obviously that wall above the chair also needs work.


We built the cube table years ago for my oldest son. I’m not sure if I love it there, but I needed a spot for my cup. That entire corner is a work in progress.

island orange C

This “C” was purchased from Hobby Lobby and spray painted with Valspar’s Island Orange.

arstid lamp

They each have a lamp over their bed. We bought these when they had the triple bunk, so that they could turn the light on if they woke up in the night. I didn’t want anyone falling off the ladder in the dark. They are the Arstid from IKEA, because any other alternatives were expensive. Everything else was too pricey, especially since I needed three of them.

Great purchase! My oldest son reads by his late into the night most nights. (Hooray for homeschooling! We don’t start early around here.) Since their nightstands are so narrow (11 inches), having wall-mounted lamps is perfect.

I have to tell you about these sheets, because it was crazy. They were from Walmart a few years ago. I bought two sets when my youngest son was still sleeping in a pack ‘n’ play in our room. I didn’t really think ahead to when they would all be sleeping in twin beds, and even if I had, I probably would have told myself we would redecorate by then anyway.

polka dot sheets

I bought all of them matching navy sheets (seen on the triple bunk here), and we occasionally mixed and matched with the two sets of polka dot sheets. Surprisingly, I still love the colors and the pattern. Polka dots are classic, and the combo of navy/blues/greens is still one of my favorites for a boys’ room.

Fast forward to just a couple months ago. Maybe November? I don’t recall exactly when, but I know we already lived in this house. I was at Walmart looking for a trash can, I think. And right near all the trash cans and laundry baskets, they had a clearance aisle. I ventured down it. ‘Cause clearance. Duh.

I saw a set of these sheets. Weird. I know they don’t still carry these, and haven’t for a while. I’ve checked. I picked them up and they were dirty. Like how your kid’s jeans look when he crawls on the floor at Lowe’s (is it just me?). They were $3. THREE BUCKS! For the whole sheet set. I’m guessing they got knocked under an aisle and stayed there for quite some time. I know there are not design gods, but some days…seriously….

orange doggie

This little doggie is from Garden Ridge. My older boys insisted on getting it because my youngest son actually thought it was cute, and he is deathly afraid of dogs. He is the only pet we will ever own. Well, besides pillow pets. And we had some goldfish once.

no girls allowed

This canvas was also from Garden Ridge, but a few years ago. It was not in our color scheme, so I painted over it. It’s not perfect, but I love the hand-painted feel that it has.

good night moon frame

The frames were from Kohl’s a long time ago.

love you to the moon and back

This little sign is from Gordman’s. You could easily DIY this, but it was only a few dollars, so I grabbed it.

ross pillows arrow

The blue, orange, and gray pillows are from Ross a couple years ago. I made the navy chevron one; the fabric was from Joann’s.


We built the cubbies about ten years ago (for my oldest’s toys when he was just a toddler). They’ll get moved out when we find a dresser, and the books will be moved back to these IKEA spice racks we had up at our last house.

IKEA spice racks for books

The cubbies will get used somewhere. They always do.

I’ll definitely let you know when we finish this room, but I’ll be moving on to other things until I find (or decide to build?) a dresser.

Could you guys all look at your nearest thrift stores and send me pics of all the amazing mid-century dressers you find for under fifty bucks? Thanks! You’re the best!

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