The Start of It All (part one)

Well, not really IT all. Not like, “In the beginning…”

I casually mentioned something about blogging last summer. It was definitely more like, “I wish we had a blog so I could go back and see how we did blank,” than it was, “Oh! I would love to blog!”

But my ever-encouraging and supportive husband heard the second thing. So it became an actual thought in my head. I mean, it had been a quickly passing thought in my head several times over the years. But I’m busy, y’all. Just like everyone is. I know. I get it. We’re all busy.

My husband is nothing if not a dreamer and an encourager of crazy ideas. So even though I told him one hundred and fifty-five thousand times that blogging is very time consuming, and reminded him that our children don’t leave home every day for school, and that the laundry is way piled up as it is…he kept encouraging.

I loved the idea. But I’m a realist. A busy homeschooling realist. I’m not sure how people with full-time jobs (which I have, thank you very much!) can blog. Do they? Often? I don’t know. I only follow a few blogs and they either do it full-time (like for a living) or are SAHMs of toddlers (who nap and go to pre-school). So yeah, I’m sure the world is full of bloggers with full-time jobs, I just don’t know any. I’d like to talk to them and see what their schedule is like.

Also, this little tiny blog is a DIY blog. It’s not one of those blogs where people “just” write, ya know? I’m sure those take forever, also, but there is the element of actually doing the project and taking and uploading all the pictures (which takes forever even when they’re horrible like mine) before you even get to the blogging on a DIY blog.

So yeah, you can see why I thought my husband was crazy. My plate was already full. Like steak-night-at-Golden Corral full.

I decided to do a project and see how it went. I was mainly wanting to know how much the photo-capturing process would slow me down. ‘Cause let’s be real here, if it slows me down by half, that’s twice as long that it will take me to do everything I want to do. And as much as I have loved this little blog adventure, I’m not forsaking the whole point of it all, ya know?

It was right before we moved and I had found a table to be used in our new house’s eat-in kitchen because the one we had was a bit too big for the area, especially considering that I had/have plans for adding more cabinets to the dining area. (That is way in the future. We have to finish the classroom and then a major bathroom reno is on the horizon before the kitchen.)

So I did the table and took photos along the way. Then I got busy packing and then we went on vacation. Then we came back and moved and unpacked. Then we got back to school hardcore since we had an extended Fall Break. I honestly kinda forgot about the table completely.

I didn’t forget about the blog idea. But I forgot about the “trial run,” which wasn’t really a trial run at all since I didn’t actually write the blog post or upload all the pics.

We kept talking about the blog and decided we would do it. So my hubs did the coding or whatever he did (that is not my area of expertise) and I worked on some posts in December and we “went live” after the first of the year.

I still have not blogged about the table, mainly because I forgot (and then remembered when I cleared all the twenty kajillion photos off my old phone), but maybe also because I feel like it is in the past and doesn’t “deserve” to be blogged?? I was kinda feeling that way, but I decided I wanted to blog about it because as you guys know, this whole thing is really just my DIY diary to look back on in ten years.

Who cares if it is in the past? Who cares if that is “unfair” since it isn’t what we’re doing right this second? I don’t. And I’m the boss of this thing. Also, I want to remember the project that started it all. But that didn’t really. Whatever.

How’s that for the longest intro to a blog post in the history of the world? Is anyone still with me? Well, just in case…it went something like this….

It was starting to look for sure that we were going to be able to close on this house (it had been a rocky road and we weren’t sure all along the way), and I had been on the look out for a smaller, round table to use in the dining area of the eat-in kitchen.

I mentioned previously that the living room had been calling out to me to have a dining/craft table near the wet bar and back door. Well, that actually happened the first time we saw the house. It kept yelling at me even before we moved in.

So I had already made up my mind to use our current table in the living room (but then I later decided to hack in into a coffee table and shelf), and get a smaller table for the dining area. I hoped to find one before we moved, so that I could use it while we showed our house. The other table was fine, but it was larger and made the traffic flow to the back door a bit more difficult.

(No, we weren’t showing it to sell. Yes, we kept that house as a rental. Yes, we stage our rentals. It has helped them to bring top dollar. I am not a weirdo. I know what I’m doing.)

I was looking for one of those basic, everyone-has-owned-one, always-available-on-Craigslist round pedestal dining tables. I’ve owned, and gotten rid of, two over the course of my marriage.

I knew it would be easy to find one, since it is a very popular style, and I always see them for sale second hand. But, it was just a matter of finding one at a price I was willing to pay.

I found a couple on Craigslist the very first time I looked. But they were solid oak, and the owners were very proud of them. (Hey, I get it. Start high!) They were both over one hundred dollars. If I recall, they were $125 and $150 (the $125 lister probably saw the $150 and then set their price).

I found one in a thrift store in South OKC, but it was $40. I thought that was overpriced, and I was willing to wait a bit longer. It probably wasn’t overpriced, but it was more than I was willing to pay. If you find a table you want and it is only forty bucks, I’d advise you to snatch it up. But I’m cheap, and also have seen a billion of these. Plus, it wasn’t something I was dying to get. I was willing to pass it up at $40.

Then one afternoon I was in Edmond for some house-related business. We stopped in Goodwill before heading back to Norman. The furniture section in the Edmond Goodwill is in the direct line-of-sight from the front door.

I could see a round, pedestal table immediately upon entering the store. You people who thrift know the feeling, right? Oh my goodness. I wanted to sprint! But that’s not what you do. Good grief. Keep cool!

I looked around to see if I needed to sprint. Don’t think I wouldn’t have knocked people over on my way there if it looked like someone was eying MY table. But no one was glancing that direction, so I got to take the hunting-prey approach instead.

I slowly walked down the center of the store from the front door to the table that was seemingly one thousand yards away. Never, ever taking my eyes off of it. I was ready to pounce if it looked like anyone was going to walk towards it.

I made it there safely. Step one is over. I am at the object of my desire and ready to claim it if anyone even so much as looks my direction.

Step two is to evaluate the price. Some people may evaluate the item before the price, but I don’t need to know if it is sturdy if I am not willing to pay the asking price. I saw this sticker.

goodwill table

Heck yeah. Fifteen bucks?! (You know I glanced up to see what the color of the week was, in hopes to get this for $7.50.) I was willing to pay $15.

Then I looked it over. It was sturdy and didn’t have deep scratches that couldn’t be removed. That’s about all that matters on hard furniture. If it were soft furniture (upholstery), I would proceed to give it a smell test. Smoke and cat urine are permanent, people.

The top had some issues. I’m sure that is why it was priced at $15, because they had another table in there (not round) for twice the price.

cracked laminate

I wasn’t scared off by these spots. They were cracks in the laminated finish, but I was planning to paint it anyway, and I figured those would sand out. And if not, I figured I could sand them down and then put wood putty over any very damaged spots. It was worth the risk for fifteen bucks.

See how the surface is slightly bumbling? (I can see it best if I tilt my monitor.) This is definitely not salvageable if you hope to keep the wood finish, but can totally be revived with paint.

spots on laminate table

It’s not really blue. It’s just reflecting weirdly.

Holy cow. I’m at 1700 words and I haven’t even started explaining the process. How ’bout I just show you the finished project and then I’ll come back on Monday to explain it? Or I could just stop right here without showing you? I’d be pretty ticked if I read this entire post and it just stopped before it ever started.

So yeah, here it is.

In my previous kitchen…

Eat-in kitchen

And in the current kitchen…

turquoise table

A looong way to go in here, clearly!

So don’t be mad. Come back next week. Happy weekend wishes to you all.






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