Calendar Pop Art

Sometimes when I get overwhelmed with a project, I abandon it for a while and go do something simple to motivate myself again.

The gallery wall upstairs is stressing me out (as gallery walls always do), so I decided to conquer a simple little project to make myself feel like I’m not a complete failure when it comes to hanging things on the wall.

I purchased these album frames from Michael’s about two years ago. I was planning to use them for photos of the boys that I never got around to having made. They came in a three pack and I got three of them, for a total of nine frames. I’m pretty sure they were $10 per pack during a 50% off frame sale. $30. Not bad for nine frames.

frames and calendar

I spotted this calendar in Barnes and Noble.


I have been needing some art for over the desk area in the living room (can’t leave Valentine’s stuff up all year).

desk area

I immediately thought this would be a fun, whimsical project. Typewriters over a laptop table seem perfect to me, and it had all the bright colors from my living room (turquoise, watermelon, lime) plus some.

Of course the calendar was practically the exact size of the frames. (Design gods do not exist! This was pure coincidence.)

I removed the staples and cut apart the calendar.

calendar pages cut calendar images

I narrowed the twelve images down to my favorite nine and figured out an arrangement that I liked.


Then I framed them. That was the easy part.

Next I had to do lots of measuring and spacing and leveling.

measure and level

I briefly considered painting the frames white (which would barely stand out off this current wall color, but we plan to paint eventually), but then I decided I liked the black. I just have a few touches of black in here (tri-pod lamp, curtain rods, coffee table tray, a recovered Poang that I need to show you), and I feel like they keep the eye moving around the room. I thought some more black in this area balanced things out better than white would have.

typewriter art

That’s it. So simple. I love the colors and the size of the entire grouping. It’s perfect over my desk!

typewriter pop art

Hopefully I’ll be able to find some more of these square frames, because I really love the idea of them for photos of the boys in a grid.

We’re off to have family photos taken this very afternoon. They’re long overdue, so I’m very excited! A big shout out to my sweet friend Kate for driving all the way here from Nevada just to take them. Okay, so maybe she came for other reasons, too. But whatever.



  1. two things:
    Well… three things:
    1. yay I’m sweet! And famous!
    2. I love, love, love the vintage typewriters
    3. Those vintage typewriters would look great near a framed print of the fam in front of the vintage car mural. 🙂

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