How I Spent My Spring Break

I didn’t “accomplish” as much as I had hoped last week, but we saw lots of our favorite people.

We had a St. Patrick’s Day party with our close friends. We visited my twin brother and sister-in-law at their new house. The kids enjoyed a fun Minecraft-themed birthday party and cousin sleepover. Then we got to see Grandma.


While I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t “do” as much as I had hoped, I’m very glad we got to spend time with friends and family; in addition, the hubs and I had a date. We also made a couple of trips to the park and cooked out (it’s grill season! woohoo!). Those are the important things in life, y’all.

But back to the things that aren’t as important, because that’s what this blog is about….

The yard work continues…

yardwork_1 patio

brush tiered yard

Someday that will all be finished and I’ll do a post about it. Look at that tiered yard. It’s all kinds of crazy/fun. The boys love it!

I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the entire classroom painted last week, but I did get the new baseboards painted and installed. The original ones will get painted when we pull the Expedits out to paint the walls. That will be when we finish this semester. It’s looking like we’re on schedule to finish by Memorial Day. Woohoo!

prime baseboards

I also got the baseboards on the opposite side (we’re calling it a hallway) painted and installed. (Don’t forget to caulk any gaps and fill your nail/staple holes with wood filler.)

gap caulk

nail holes painted corner

I finished the hallway wall paint before Spring Break, but you haven’t seen it yet. I went with a very pale gray. I wanted something other than white, but I wanted it super light since these ceilings are lower than we’re used to, and we blocked the light from that front window when we added a wall and pocket doors. (Though they’re usually always open during the day.)

mix paint

I had a bunch of white paint, and some black paint. I was tired of spending money (it happens more often than this blog makes it seem 😉 ), so I just mixed my own gray.

custompaint mix well

I made sure to mix enough for leftovers since I won’t know an exact formula if/when I need to make touch ups. Labeling is vital!

custom paint

You can see by comparison to this off-white how light the color really is.

kitchen doors

I had to use a brush where the stair rail wraps around the wall because I didn’t have enough room for a roller.

stair railing brush behind railing

Side note: I’m labeling everything because I’m trying help you get your bearings. I hate when I can’t tell what I’m looking at in online pics because I’m not familiar with the space. When I finish the rest of the hallway, I’ll get some better pics of this whole entryway/front hallway/back hallway/new wall area. Maybe this old image will help for now.

dining room

I wasn’t too concerned about getting paint on the ceiling, because it was going to be painted. Eventually. It stayed this way for a while, but then the hubs thoughtfully finished it for me.

paint on ceiling

He used color changing paint, which I love for ceilings.

ceiling paint

Sometimes it is difficult to know where you’ve painted and if you’ve missed any spots when painting a ceiling. The light up there can cast harsh shadows and when you’re going from off-white to white it isn’t as easy to see your unpainted spots as when you use this white paint that goes on pink. It’s not anymore expensive than the other kind, so I’ve used it for ceilings ever since I discovered it.

Also last week, I painted the pocket doors and the casing. Pretty, right? They’re so young and fresh compared to the rest of the woodwork in this house.

double pocket doors

We still need pulls on there. Right now we’re just sliding them with our hands and gripping them with our finger nails to pull them out of the wall. We’ll go with oil-rubbed bronze (ORB) because we plan to eventually update all the brass doorknobs to ORB. I haven’t found any yet; the stocked pocket-door pull selection at the big box stores is seriously lacking. I’ll have to order online. I’ll keep you updated, of course.

This shot is from the stairwell. The area that I’m calling the “back hallway” is to the left and the entry way is to the right.

back hallway entry way

I hoped to get all of the hallway trim finished (it was primed weeks ago) as well as the front door, but I got distracted by a project that was more fun. (You can see the painter’s tape is still around the doorway to the back hallway.) While I love the end result, I really don’t love painting. I’m easily pulled away to more exciting projects.

Clarification: I don’t love painting walls and trim and doors. I DO love painting furniture and accessories. I like a quick payoff.

I’ll be back Wednesday to show you the fun project I did over Spring Break. Or at least it was fun to me. Did any of you guys get to take time off? Whatdcha do?

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