How to Fake MCM (part 2)

But not really part two, because it’s not a continuation exactly. I’m horrible with titles, so I’m going with it. Whatever.

My oldest son talked me into drawer pulls for his dresser. The kid knows what he wants and I don’t want to stifle his sense of design (since I agree with it 😉 ). Of course I said yes.

These drawers are very wide and he decided that two pulls per drawer looked better than one “dinky” one. He’s right. Of course.


We went with a “spoon foot pull” (that was a new name for me) from Target’s Threshold line. We saw these identical pulls at Lowe’s for 36¢ more per pull, but we needed twelve of them. That’s over four bucks more in total. Not to mention we didn’t want to buy 20 of them (two packs of 10 for the not-so-great-at-math people out there). They sell them individually, but they’re 75¢ more at that price. All that to say that he got a math lesson (dividing decimals, ya’ll!!) as well as a lesson in bargain hunting. Not that he needed it. It’s in his blood.

Take that all you “Target’s more expensive” people. A drawer pull for $1.71 is an amazing price, and that’s not even on clearance. So yeah, don’t forget about Target when it comes to home hardware stuff.

(Psst…They’ll soon have YHL’s line of this type of home stuff. Hooks mostly. I hear it hits stores March 31, though it’s available online right now. How excited are we all for them?! Don’t everyone in my area run out and buy it all up before I get out of bed that day. I totally want that teal octopus as a paper weight.)

This wasn’t a difficult task, just time consuming to measure for each pull and to make sure they were level and replicate it on all six drawers.

I’ve discovered over the years that I have more success when measuring for pulls if I do it with the drawers in place. It’s tempting to remove the drawers and place the pulls based on the measurements of the drawer front, and it probably would have been fine for this brand new, machine-manufactured dresser. If you have an old dresser, or old kitchen/bathroom drawers, though, they may sit a bit lopsided due to rubbing while opening and closing over the years. If they sit even just a tiny bit crooked, but your pull is placed according to the dimensions of the drawer front only, the pull will look horrible (imho).

So, I prefer to measure for one drawer and then use a level and move down and across for the other drawers. That way the pulls will be level and straight in line with all the others even if the drawer itself sits a bit wonky.

level down

level across

We used a quarter inch drill bit to drill holes for the screws.

drill bit

This gets sawdust everywhere, so you’ll have to vacuum.


I swear my kids own shirts.

I think the pulls were a wise decision. It looks great! So proud of my budding designer.

drawer pulls

drawers (2)

Okay, so there is actually an element of faking mid-century modern to this post. The title was not just in reference to the continuation of the boys’ dresser, but also to another little tweak I did.

Remember our master bedroom? It was a long time ago, but I said I needed a side table here. chair

I used a little ottoman for a while, but I really wanted a safer place for a cup of coffee. I’m pretty clumsy.

re nightstand

I found this nightstand at the back end cap at Target a while ago now. It was an online-only item that had been returned to the store. They always put those items on clearance even if they’re still full price online.

online item

It was probably January when I bought this. Then it sat in the box for weeks. I’m always doing projects around here, but I tend to jump all over the place, if you haven’t noticed. So it took me a while to get to this.

pieces hardware (2)

I put it together with my helper.

glue drawers drawers

I knew I wanted to use these old legs I had cut off a sewing table years ago. The table wasn’t really salvageable, but I loved the legs. I used them for the cube table that is now in the boys’ room when we first built it years ago, but then we took them off because I wanted it lower for next to a shorter chair. I’m always changing things.

tapered legs (2)

My little helper wanted to model them. He’s a riot, you guys!

modeling legs cheese helper

So anyway, I assembled the night stand without the little base that it came with. It was different than the boys’ dresser, in that I didn’t have to cut the side panels. This was designed with a little base that happens to look like MCM feet in an online photo or if you don’t look closely at the box. (Apparently the nightstand is no longer available on their site, but it matches this dresser.)


But they’re not feet; it’s the end of a straight piece of wood that you see from the front. I would bet that’s why this was returned. I read the reviews and lots of people seemed to be confused when it arrived. I actually only stopped to look at it on the end cap because I thought at first glance that they were little tapered legs.

sideview of base

Here’s a pic from the top of the base. See those holes for attaching it to the underside of the nightstand?



The corresponding holes in the bottom of the nightstand are where I put my legs. The holes were already there. All I did was drill a screw through to my recycled legs. (It would have been so much easier if the dresser I modified for the boys were this style.)


It came with these little plugs to cover up the silver screw head.


Easiest pre-made furniture modification ever. And now it really does look mid-century.

It goes well with our (authentic) MCM dresser, it provides a safe spot for my cup, and has a drawer for storage. That’s more than I was hoping from a side table here.

mcm nightstand

I stuck a basket from Home Goods in there to hold even more junk. Hooray for storage!

There’s a good chance I’ll move that basket when I finish decorating this spot, but for now I throw my son’s toys in there (that he inevitably leaves in my chair) until I make him put them all back where they belong. I shouldn’t call it “my chair.” It’s definitely “our chair.”

It really is his favorite spot in the whole house…

chair10 chair

chair3 chair2

and in the last house…


and even before it was slip covered…

chair4 chair8

chair6 chair7

This area is still coming together. I’ll definitely show you when I make anymore tweaks.

Any of you guys faking a design era? Modifying pre-made furniture to suit your style?  Letting your eleven-year old make design decisions? Reminiscing over chair pics? Let me know!