That’s a Wrap

The boys’ room has been coming together for a while now (you can read about it here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

I did some decorating along the way (the links are all provided up there for you, in case you somehow missed the seven “heres”), but needed to get a dresser in there before I could finish.

The dresser was painted laminate, so I was very cautious to let it cure for several days before putting anything on top of it.

I used the bowling pin book ends on here with some of our Hardy Boy collection. (You might notice that I changed them. One had orange stripes when I first re-did them, but I decided I wanted them to match exactly.)


I picked up a little green box on clearance a while back. It’s the same style as the pink and red one I got for Valentine’s notes. I stuck the tv remote in there. Mainly because it needs a home. It’s always lost under a bed or behind a pillow or something.

remote box

There’s the metallic 3 I faux painted.

globe bank

The little globe is a bank.

This floor lamp was in the corner by the reading chair last you saw, but I put a table lamp over there and moved this one to the end of the dresser. (Yes, that makes five lamps in this one room. I still feel like it’s always dark in here. The overhead light is horrible! We’ll be getting a ceiling fan in here before summer, and I’ll make sure to get one with lots of light.)

I hung a world map over the dresser. We love all the flags pictured at the bottom.

world map

Since we took out the cubbies in order to make room for a dresser, we needed somewhere to put books.

I had four of these Bekvam spice racks already painted white from a few years ago. I think this may have been the very first thing I ever pinned back when Pinterest was still invite-only and oh so exclusive. It’s one of those simple ideas that you can’t believe you didn’t think of yourself.

IKEA spice racks for books

bekvam spice racks

Anyway, I picked up two more along the way. I assembled my two new ones and gave all six of them a light sanding.

bekvam painted

Then I sprayed all of them with Valspar’s Indigo Streamer, which also comes in latex ’cause that’s how I roll.

navy bekvam

navy paint navy latex

I hung four of them over the reading chair for younger bed-time story books (make sure they’re level).

level bekvam

bekvam books

Two of them were hung on the strip of wall next to the closet, near my oldest son’s bed.


He also has a ton of books downstairs in the Expedit, but these are for holding what’s next in his queue. (Yes, that is a piece of bamboo leaned in the corner. Boys are weird.)

I brought in a little lamp that is just a miniature version of the floor lamp and shade. I bought a tiny piece of fabric from Hobby Lobby (it cost $1.94 with my 40% off coupon, that includes tax!) to cover the plain shade.

This is so simple to do, especially if your lamp shade is not tapered. Since there is no angle to account for, just measure the height of your shade and the circumference. (That’s just the perimeter of a circle in case it’s been a while since you’ve done geometry.)

Cut your fabric according to your measurements, adding about a quarter of an inch to your circumference and about an inch to your height.


I like to use a glue stick all over the surface of the shade so that my fabric doesn’t get loose and droopy like I’ve seen happen on covered lamp shades, but it isn’t necessary. You could also use a spray adhesive, but it costs more and requires you to protect your surrounding area and makes your hands feel like it’s 1989 and you just gave your hair a coat of Aqua Net. Or maybe that was just me.


Use a very fine bead of hot glue to attach your fabric to the shade along the line of the existing seam. Don’t be heavy handed. You want the fabric to be flat, not bumped up over a thick line of hot glue. Be careful. Hot glue is hot. Hence the name.


Smooth the fabric out around your shade, making sure there are no bubbles. Glue stick doesn’t dry right away, so you’ll have time to readjust if needed.

smooth fabric

I like to cut my quarter inch of extra fabric off once I get back around to the seam, but you could just leave the overlap if you wanted. I think it’s neater if you can get the edges perfectly butted up next to each other.

Then just run a bead of hot glue around the inner bottom of the shade and tuck your fabric inside. Just do a small section at a time so your hot glue doesn’t dry while you’re tucking and pressing.

hotglue press down fabric

Do the exact same thing around the inner top of the shade. That’s it. Super easy. You’ll definitely want a light weight fabric so it stays on the shade well and doesn’t block too much light.

finished edge

I only bought a third of a yard, but it was 44″ wide, so I had enough left for a pillow cover.

pillow cover (2)

I bought ~ a dozen of these little pillows for $1 each years ago at IKEA, remember? I have them all over my house, but there’s always some not in use. It was either make a pillow cover or put this remnant in my fabric stash never to be heard from again. You can never have too many pillows.

pillow and lampshade

This pillow is not large. See how small the lamp shade is in comparison? It really is just a tiny version of the floor lamp.

chevron and stripe pillows

I hung that still-empty frame on the wall here, as well as our “Love you to the moon and back” sign. I promise to put a picture in that frame soon. I already have one in mind. Just need to get it printed.

empty frame moom sign

reading corner

We moved the “No Girls Allowed….” sign to the door, which seemed like a more fitting place for it.

no girls

We have an old authentic “One Way” street sign. We didn’t steal it, I promise. Our previous town does a Spring Clean Up bulk trash pick up; we snagged it last year off the top of someone’s trash pile on their curb.

one way

We hung it near the closet where the “No Girls Allowed…” sign was previously.

one way sign

That pretty much does it in here. We’ll get a ceiling fan soon, and we may ultimately decide to paint the woodwork, but that’s a wrap. I’m calling it.



  1. Hi there, love this post. I have painted some racks for our bathroom but have failed to find the right fittings to fix them to the wall. I’m no DIY expert you see. I figure I need fairly long screws to secure them properly into the wall but I’ve not been able to find any long screws with small heads that will slot into the racks! Am I missing something obvious!?

    • Long screws aren’t necessary, but anchors are. Obviously it’s difficult for me to know what size you need, but if you visit a hardware store, they sell the anchors along with the proper screws in the same package. Many have very small heads that would probably work. Bring your shelf along, and the employees will usually be of great help. Good luck.

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