Closet Cleanup

Not a lot of DIY happened around here this past weekend. Unless car maintenance counts?

We had a gorgeous Saturday, so the hubs decided it was a great time to change the oil and some belt thingy and rotate the tires. (Yes, he is as good with cars as construction. Back off ladies, he’s all mine!)

I have been trying to get around to organizing my closet for a few months now. I did a very bad thing in order to get the bedroom feeling clean and comfy; I shoved all my unpacked boxes of clothes, shoes, purses, accessories/belts/scarves into the closet without organizing or unpacking. Yep. Just shoved them in there and told myself to get on that soon.

This is the very first time the hubs and I have had two separate closets.

two closets

I would never have been able to get away with this otherwise…

messy closet

I wish I could say that was the week we moved in, but that was last weekend. Stop judging me. Even Monica Gellar had a closet issue.

I took this one last month to show my friends, so you can see that it HAS improved a bit.

feb closet

I kinda get to blame this on the fact that we slept in the guest room for six weeks before we did the master bedroom floors. I was living out of boxes and one tiny portion of a closet for all that time. I got used to it.

I also got used to wearing about four outfits and two pair of shoes all winter. No big deal. I homeschool. I hate the cold. This winter was brutal. I barely got out of my sweats.

But it’s warming up and I love sandals and summery dresses and of course shorts!! I had to get this closet under control so I could find that stuff. Not to mention so I could quit feeling like a filthy pig every time I opened the door.

You can tell from the strewn-about, partially-emptied boxes that I’ve been digging through them but not actually taking the time to unpack them. I’m so ashamed.

So I spent the weekend working on my closet and now it looks like this…


Just kidding. That’s totally not my closet. (I tricked you, huh?) It belongs to someone called Miss Cupcake?

I drug all the boxes out of the closet and then our bedroom looked like this.

unload closet

I feel like I pared down my closet while packing to move here. That was only five months ago, but my memory must be failing. Apparently I did a horrible job, because I just got rid of all of this.


I found FOUR key-ring sized tape measures, as well as a belt hook from a full-size tape measure. What in the world?!

tape measures

I also found a bag of money that included a $2 bill. (This belongs to my son. I think he tried to “pay me back” for something with it, but I’ll put it right back into his bank.)

money bag

I found some other fun stuff…

fun stuff

I made some difficult decisions. Like how long to continue keeping this sweatshirt?


What about these belts? I’ve actually owned (and gotten rid of) similar styles of each of these in my lifetime. Should I get rid of them AGAIN only to re-buy them in 20 years? You know I’ll be rockin’ a red stretchy belt when I’m pushing 60.

braided belt spherical belt red belt

And then I went to Lowe’s and bought a few different kinds of shower rings. One type for scarves, one for jeans, and one for tank tops.

shower hooks ball hooks hooks

I own enough tank tops to clothe a small village. It’s awful. I agree. But I live in them. My spring and summer uniform is a pair of shorts or a skirt, paired with a tank. In the fall I wear a tank with jeans and all winter long I wear tanks under cardigans. So yeah. I’ve tried hanging them or folding them, but they take up too much rod space and too much drawer space. So when I saw this pin, I may have gasped out loud. Why did I not think of that? So simple!

Here’s what mine look like, using thinner shower curtain rings attached directly to the rod rather than a hanger…

tanks tank tops

I also bought some S hooks specifically for the gray and black tanks. They hold more, and don’t have to be opened up, which allows quicker removal.

s hook tank

colored tanks

I was hoping to use the rings with balls on the ends to hold my jeans by the belt loops. I was inspired by this. It didn’t work well. I could tell right away that the loops were going to slip off that ball.

ball hook loop

So, I used these instead.

belt loop

I bought these thinking the two little thingies seemed perfect for scarves to wrap between, but they worked great for jeans. I was able to hang two pair on each hook.

double hook


That is a lot of denim! Those vary greatly in size and not all are in current rotation. I haven’t given up hope on a)losing ten pounds or b)having more babies (and thus needing half a dozen different sizes in the year postpartum). So I’m not ready to get rid of all these jeans just yet, though I did purge several pair.

I’m awful about hanging my clothes. Like the worst. In the free world. Horrible! Slipping the belt loop over a hook seems much quicker than folding the pants in half smoothly so as to not crease them funny and then hanging them over a hanger that has to be removed from the rod. So. much. work. 😉 I have high hopes. And a step ladder to throw them over just in case it proves to be too much to maintain. I might even get a treadmill.


I bought this thing for belts, but then decided to use it for scarves since I used the intended scarf hooks for jeans. I ended up storing belts in a bin. (Lesson: be flexible. If it’s not working, rotate everything around.)

utility hook clearance


I had all these storage bins from different times/places/uses. They are full of belts, wallets, sweaters, sweatshirts, my most frequently worn swimsuits, unmentionables, etc.

storage bins bins

I also use the dresser in the bedroom, so these are just for things that seemed more appropriate in the closet. There’s not much method to the decision.

I hang by color within type. So, white tanks are not with white T’s or long-sleeve white shirts or my white blazer, but things are grouped by color within a category.

long sleeve

Apparently I have a thing for peach/pink/coral/orange sun dresses? Holy cow. The color variation is actually much greater in person. 🙂 This image surprised me when I was uploading pics for this post.

sun dresses

I love this built-in shelf area for shoes and the top shelf for purses.

shoe shelves


I also have this little cubbie purchased from Big Lots years ago for shoes.


I stay stocked up on flip flops. I’m not sure if normal people ever wear out their flip flops, but I actually do wear out several pair per year, and unequally so. The right is always the first to go. It drives me insane, so I buy flip flops a few pair at a time when I find them cheap. (As if they’re ever expensive?) I think it might have something to do with having jacked up legs as a child? Check out this adorable little girl…

leg braces

…and her stinkin’ cute twin brother…


I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my jewelry. Not fancy stuff. I don’t have any fancy stuff. I just mean bangles, statement necklaces, earrings, etc.

teal aqua

(I like aqua/mint/teal/turquoise accessories to go with all those peach/pink/coral/orange sundresses.)

shoe organizer

I have it in this over-the-door shoe organizer for now, and smaller things (rings and earrings) in baskets in the bathroom, but I’m not loving it.

jewelry pockets

Everything is grouped by color into one spot, but it needs work. I’m not thrilled with shoving necklaces into a pocket nor with having to dig through each spot when I want something.

But for now, I’m so excited to have access to all my clothes. It’s like Christmas!

Update: Okay, so that was going to be the end. I typed all that and was ready to upload pics so this post would be complete and ready for Wednesday.

But when I yelled for my husband to please bring the drill to hang the little thing for scarves, he immediately wanted one for belts in his closet. I promised to get him one the next day. Of course they were gone because they were marked 70% off and didn’t last through the weekend.


The kids had dentist appointments and they always give us coupons for free Cold Stone ice cream. But for some reason they are only redeemable at the MacArthur Street location, which is so far away. But free Cold Stone?! Times three! Hello?!

Garden Ridge is just south of that Cold Stone Creamery, so we ran in to see what kind of affordable organizational things they might have since we were so close and rarely ever make it down there.

I thought the hubs might like this for his belts since the other thing was sold out at Target.

4 hook

Nope. He was set on the other thing. He didn’t like how it had to hang on the rod. Of course it cost less than the gas would to drive back down there and return it, so I’ll use it for something and give him the thing he wants. (Obviously I’m open to switching things around when it comes to organization.)

I also bought three of these tie racks.

tie rack

I thought they would work better for tanks. Yes, I just re-did the tanks on those shower hooks, but I saw these and thought that they would be more efficient by using some of the depth of the closet. So here is what it looks like as of yesterday.

tanks (2) tank tops (2)

Much better use of space!

hanging tanks

I also used one for my recently displaced scarves.

Seriously, isn’t this the story of our lives? Constantly trying to make organization function better for us?

I also picked up two different over-the-door hangers from Garden Ridge.

over door

One was narrow enough to sit inside the other.

double over door

I hung the over-the-door shoe organizer with nails rather than the hooks it came with and put these above it.

back of door

I’m going to stare at this for a few days and decide if I can stand it before I load them up with necklaces. (I’m not sure these hooks over the door won’t drive me crazy, especially since there are two different types right next to each other.)

door hooks

double door hooks

(I also bought one other thing from Garden Ridge. It has nothing to do with organization. I’ll show you that on Friday.)

So here’s the before and after…

messy closet closet after

and from a slightly different angle…

closet before closet after 2

Anyone have any wonderful closet organization tips? I’m open to great ideas.