Where We’re Headed

When we start a major room renovation (like a bathroom or a kitchen, usually) I need to have all other in-progress projects finished.

A common thing I’ve heard over the years is, “how can you live in a constant state of construction? I would go crazy.” I get it now. I can’t. I think we all have only so much that we can handle. I can’t have five rooms all torn up at once. Maybe a decade ago I could, but now I get tired. My mind, as well as my body, needs a clean, calm, organized place to sit down and regroup.

We aren’t going to start the master bathroom until school is out for summer. But you guys!! That’s less than two months away!! Woohoo!!

I have a few things left dangling that I’d really like to finish in other areas of the house. I just need to. I can move on to small projects without having art/photos over a table, but not larger projects. I just can’t. Not and keep my sanity. I mean, we do have all the normal stuff to do also. The lawn will need mowed and the oil changed (you know we don’t hire either of those out) and there’s always laundry and dinner and cleaning toilets. And occasionally I like to think about things other than paint and lamps and housework. I just know from lots and lots of experience, that once we start a major renovation, I have to have calm and order in the rest of the house. If we don’t, I won’t be able to shut off my brain.

All that to say that I’ll be trying really hard to wrap up all the almost-finished areas that I’ve already blogged about (plus some that I haven’t), so that we can dive head first into a bathroom renovation starting Memorial Day weekend.

Here’s a list of the things that are holding us back from being finished in the respective areas: (update: I made this list a while back, some have been crossed off. Hooray!)

  • something over the master bed (done for now)
  • a side table for the rocking chair in the master bedroom
  • artwork or photos over the side table beside the rocking chair in the master bedroom
  • switch lamps/lamp shade near chair and side table in master bedroom?
  • photos/art over the $2 console table upstairs
  • map for the boys’ room
  • reading corner in the boys’ room
  • dresser in the boys’ room
  • ceiling fan in boys’ room
  • living room curtains (they’ve been up, but need tweaking)
  • small Poang to match larger one
  • finish the classroom (possibly save for end of summer/to do in time for new school year? Lots of painting! Lighting?)
  • finish painting the downstairs hallway (trim and doors)
  • paint the interior front door
  • paint laundry room door
  • Lego project that I’ve been promising my oldest son?
  • guest room curtains/closet
  • assemble guest room dresser
  • ceiling fan in guest room
  • light over kitchen table
  • Clean my dang closet!!!
  • never ending yard work (simultaneous to bathroom remodel?)

So that’s my “Soon” list. I also keep “Eventually” lists, but that’s beyond the scope of this post.

I was pleasantly surprised to be able to mark off so many of those things when I opened the list (I was thinking that I hadn’t accomplished anything around here lately). And now I’m feeling stressed thinking about all that is left to do in just over six weeks, with tax time and Easter and birthday parties and baby showers in between. I’m determined to get it all done, though!

Thankfully none of it is obstructing our normal functioning lives in the event that I don’t get around to it. The classroom painting, for instance. It won’t drive me crazy to not start that project before the bathroom since it’s not really in process, so that’s good. But it will haunt me all summer, so that’s not so good. I’m crazy schizo like that.

So there you go…just a little look into my brain on this rainy Sunday afternoon. And a general idea of posts to come. Stick around!

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