Simple Paint Updates

I took all three boys to help me pick out a ceiling fan for their room. I had complete veto power, of course, but I’m trying to be less uptight about design choices that involve their spaces. That’s much easier to do when I don’t have staging in mind. I’m not trying to appeal to the masses with this house (at least not anytime soon), so I said they could have some fun.

Ceiling fan options abound, but that doesn’t mean there were several options for us. Their ceiling is only 7.5 feet high, so we absolutely had to have a flush mount. I didn’t even want just a two-inch downrod. Once the base and then blades and then light fixture was taken into account, I didn’t want this thing to be any less than six feet high. My children are not that tall, but I’m thinking long-term. Also, it is over a bed on which they might stand or jump. So ya know. Just being safe.

Nixing the downrod pretty much cut our options in half right away. Then we narrowed the remaining options down by probably two-thirds when we chose nickel/stainless steel over white or bronze or brass (to match all the other metal finishes in their room).

Then we nixed all the ones that had enclosed light bulbs. I don’t want to remove a shade/globe to change a light bulb. I like to be able to just reach right in and switch it out.

fan graphic

Then we nixed all the ones that were large enough for a great room; it’s just a kid’s bedroom. It would look funny to have a huge fan in there.

That left us with only two options, out of all those fans hanging overhead at Lowe’s. This 44″ Casablanca option, or this Harbor Breeze 52″ option.

(This is a great example of why we don’t get overwhelmed when making choices, like I frequnetly hear that many people do. Start with what you know you need and then what you don’t like and then what you prefer, and you’re usually left with only a few options. Narrowing down by price/quality after that pretty much makes the decision for you in many cases.)

So yeah, we liked the blades on the Casablanca one, but not the price. Also, it only had three lights instead of four. We all want more light in this room, so we decided on four.

I knew that Walmart carried a fan that looked very similar to that Harbor Breeze one for half the price, so I picked one up next time I got groceries. (We’ve used fans from Walmart for years with no problems.)

So much for a fun outing with the boys to pick a cool fan. My oldest said, “well, maybe we can paint the blades and get cool pulls (fobs)?” Sure thing!

Why not? They’re just fan blades. They have another color on the other side, and you can always pick up replacement blades in the future if needed. It feels good not to be uptight. 🙂

reverseable blades

I thought the darker side looked better, so I decided to “ruin” the lighter side.

dark blade

I gave them a light sanding with a block and then a coat of primer.


I taped off the edges so that they wouldn’t be green in the event that we flip the blades someday.

tape edges

I used my old stand-by, Tropical Foliage. (If that’s not your favorite green color by now, I need to hone my persuasive skills.)

Tropical Foliage

By time I got upstairs to take a picture of the old light for you, the hubs had already put up the base.

fan base

Figures. How’d I get so lucky? I love him!!

ugly light

Here’s what it looks like without the shade. I’m not sure where it disappeared to, but you can tell that this fixture was pretty pitiful. Only two bulbs, and they were covered up by a pretty dark shade.

I’m really surprised that no one had put a fan in these bedrooms by now. This is Oklahoma, this is the second story, and this house is 30 years old! We’re dumbfounded that no one added a fan in all those years.

So anyway, the hubs waited on me and then installed this part.

four lights


Here’s what it looks like with the blades and shades attached.

green blades

I don’t know if I’ll paint those fobs eventually or replace them completely, but everyone is thrilled to have light in here (that I of course have no idea how to photograph) and the boys aren’t sweating at night. I love functional updates the most! Woohoo!

ceiling fan

Hey, while I’m talking about using paint to make simple changes, I want to show you my “new” gold sandals that I painted the other day. 🙂

I wanted a pair of gold sandals for this spring/summer. I have multiple pair of brown sandals, so I grabbed the least frequently worn and some acrylic craft paint and a foam brush.

gold craft paint

I’ve painted shoes before, so I knew it would work. If you’re painting something harder, like maybe a plastic-y sandal, the paint will scratch right off. These are leather. Or at least a really good fake leather? I’m not sure, but they’re soft and semi-porous.

I used a paint pen on that little button part first, to act as a primer since it’s hard. I thought it might help prevent the paint from scratching off. (I forgot to get a pic.)

painted sandal

Then I just brushed on several thin coats of the gold acrylic paint, making sure to let it thoroughly dry in between.

gold sandal

My feet are pasty white right now, but won’t these be adorable with tan skin and white shorts?