It Is Well With My Soul

Remember the $2 console table that I made? Do you recall that I said I was stressing myself out thinking about a gallery wall above it, so I moved on to a simpler project?

Well, I just left a few items piled on top of the table and ignored this area for weeks.


I always want to love a gallery wall. I’m fond of the idea. In theory. But then I’m never in love with the results. Here’s a look at a portion of one from our previous living room that I did last summer (in the right of the picture below). I wanted to love it so badly, but I never could decide if I loved or hated it. I promised to let it grow on me for a while, and then we moved here.

gallery wall

I think my problem is always the busyness of it all, plus I’m a symmetrical kinda girl. I really do dream of having an amazing wall of family photos someday like they always have in the movies (especially in a romantic comedy when the star brings their new boyfriend/girlfriend back home to meet their family, who always lives in a gorgeous–and humongous–two story colonial with dozens of childhood photos running up the stairs). You know what I’m saying? There’s ALWAYS a beautiful chaos of family photos lining the stairwell!


Anyway…I decided to someday try a gallery wall in our stairwell. But for over the table near the boys’ room, I opted for just a handful of larger photos from the same shoot, mixed with a few other items.

Look at those cuties.

cade corban

kissing family

The four-year old wasn’t born yet when we had the aforementioned photos taken, but they are some of my faves. I put a pic of him in a frame on the table just so he wouldn’t be left out. 🙂

cale pic

I had this yellow sphere from Gordman’s not too long ago. I noticed that Target has some similar orbs right now, if you’re interested.

yellow orb

I liked the image of the silver globe on this Atlas and was inspired to paint the sphere. (Sorry for the horrible photo.)


I used two different metallic paints to give it a bit of depth and variation. The shiny lid looks gold in this pic, but it must be reflecting something. It is actually chrome.

metal paint

silver orb

Here’s the finished table top.

table top

And the nearly-finished wall.


I thought I was finished, but that spot up there on the right needed something…so I looked through my not-currently-being-used-anywhere frames and accessories for something that shape. I didn’t have anything. So I made something.

I grabbed a piece of wood from the garage and some of these small craft letters from my crafting stash. (I didn’t have many left, so I had a difficult time coming up with anything clever, but I was able to form our last name.)

scrap wood craft letter

I cut the ends of the wood haphazardly so it would look salvaged. Then I used a combination of stain and paint to give it some depth and age.


I spray painted the craft letters with the same paint I used on the lamp and letter M. I gave them a light glaze with what was left on my brush from the wood and wiped it off, just so they wouldn’t look freshly painted. Then I glued them to the craft wood.

krylon sea glass


They are attached to the wall with black drywall screws right through the front, to add to the salvaged feel.

drywall nails rustic wood

mobley sign

I love this spot. I come up the stairs and turn right and it makes me smile. I wish it was at the entrance of MY bedroom; it’s totally wasted on my boys. 🙂

finished gallery


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