I might prefer working at Walmart.

We went to the in-law’s for Easter so I didn’t get much work done over the weekend. I was honored that a handful of you guys missed the Monday post. Thanks for checking on me, and thanks for faithfully reading!

I am so thrilled to be done with this back hallway. It’s a puny 18 square feet, but it has felt like a huge task hanging over my head unfinished for weeks (months?). I just dreaded it so much because of all the dang trim and doors.

18 square feet

Counting the nearby coat closet, there are four doors in this teensy area…plus molding around both sides of the open doorway that separates the “front hallway” from the “back hallway.”

Have you guys ever painted wood trim and doors white? If so, you surely understand why I lacked the motivation to get it done sooner. If not, you need to find an old house and volunteer to paint all the original woodwork for the homeowner. It’s one of those things that everyone should have to do in their lifetime. Like working fast food or waiting tables or working at Walmart. (Yes, I’ve done all of those.)


How ya like that 90’s lipstick color? I’m still not sure why we thought lipstick with orange or brown undertones was a good idea. Hello, yellow teeth. (There’s a bonus pic of the hubs for you, just because. We worked at different Walmarts, in different cities, years apart but I figured I’d throw his Walmart pic in just for fun. Who takes pictures in their Walmart vests? Dorks.)

The baseboards through some of the house were changed when the previous owner installed wood floors. I don’t necessarily hate if all the baseboards throughout a house don’t match each other, but they need to match where they meet molding around doors. Right? Is it just me? That drives me crazy.


I get that they were trying to match the floor, which is better than not matching anything, I suppose. But is that normal? Do your baseboards match your floor? (Look around and let me know.) Surely not. Especially if you have tile or carpet. If you have carpet and your baseboards are carpeted also, please message me so I can come help you get rid of that. For real. I need to rid the world of that injustice. Why was that ever a trend? Because people need one more thing to vacuum?

carpet baseboard

So anyway, I had two reasons for painting all of this.

  1. I wanted the hallways to match (and we had all new paint in the front hallway).
  2. I was just plain annoyed (at the mismatched baseboards and door casing).

The hubs has been changing out all of the outlets and switches as I paint a room, so that continued here.

almond switch_1 almond outlet

white switch white outlet

I went with gray paint on the walls just because it’s what I used in the front hallway and I love it. And gray is the new beige so I won’t have to repaint for 15 years. (That sentence made me laugh out loud.)

I used two coats of primer on the trim a very long time ago, but did a quick, thin, third coat when I got ready to finish this job. I read somewhere once that primer loses its primerness (or whatever) if you wait too long to paint over it. I figured 83 days (give or take) probably fell into the “too long” range. If it’s even true. Who knows? I don’t recall a source or a reason. But no biggie. More primer just means less paint. I’m cool with that.


I used my oil-based Zinsser, of course. And it gave me a headache in this tiny area, of course. And I used a cheap brush that I felt okay throwing away, of course. Because I’m lazier than cheap when it comes to paint clean up, of course. Not really. I’m pretty sure the cleaner would cost as much as the brush. I’m cheap, but not lazy. Time is valuable. Yeah, yeah…that’s it. Of course.

Often times when you paint dark woodwork a lighter color, several cracks are revealed that weren’t obvious when they were up next to dark wood. With the wood being white, the dark cracks really stand out, so I caulked anywhere that needed it.

needs caulk crack

I put a third coat of my Tropical Oasis/Ocean Slumber mix on the laundry room door.

paint chip

I love it. It’s all, “this is a happy room, come on in and do some laundry. It’ll be fun.” Liar! But it’s a pretty liar.

laundry door

This is taken from the front hallway; I’m standing between the stairs and the classroom doors.

back hallway

I used the same color-changing ceiling paint from the front hallway.

ceiling paint

I rolled one coat of gray on the walls right before bed (after having primed and painted the trim a kajillion times). I kept my roller wet by submerging it in the paint tray and wrapping the entire tray with plastic bags.

paint tray wrapped tray

I do this for two reasons.

  1. I’m lazy. I don’t want to rinse out my tray if I’ll need another coat (and I wouldn’t know until tomorrow because it was 3am and I was going to bed).
  2. I’m cheap. These aren’t high quality roller covers that you’d rinse out and keep. All I buy now are the cheap ones to throw away (rinsing out paint rollers? Ain’t nobody got time for that), so I want to keep this one wet in case I need it tomorrow. I don’t want to have to use a new one if I need another coat of gray…

splotchy paint

…which I did. See the previous wall color peaking through? I already had paint poured and a wet roller. I just rolled another quick coat and I was done.

And that’s it. Freshly painted doors, trim, walls, and ceiling. This little area looks brand new.

But first, a reminder of the old orange-y wood color.

I have no idea what I was taking a picture of here, but it depicts the wood color well.

I have no idea what I was taking a picture of here, but it depicts the wood color well.

And now what it looks like after a face lift…


guest bathroom

Obviously we need to put the door knob back on the laundry room door (for now) and make some decisions about replacing the brass (eventually). We also need to agree on a light fixture, but it doesn’t look like that will ever happen, so I’m leaving the shade off just like I’ve done for months in the front hallway.

Lighting and doorknobs aside, I might be the most thrilled about this little area out of anything we’ve done so far. Or maybe the euphoria has more to do with relief? Either way, I’m glad this is over. And I don’t want to talk about painting anymore woodwork for at least, like, you know…a few days.







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