Duh, Avone

If you’re one of those people who love to wake up in a light-filled room and sing your way through your morning shower and talk to everyone while you eat breakfast…move along. This post is not for you.

Sometimes I’m wrong. I make mistakes. And sometimes it isn’t so much a mistake as just being in denial or foolishly hoping it will be different this time.

I’m kind of an expert on blackout drapes. I know how to make a room pitch black. It’s my number one piece of parenting advice, but this is so not a parenting blog….so never mind that.

I have been known to bring my own blackout drapes places. And sometimes I rehang other people’s blackout drapes while staying in their guest room. I’m not kidding. (They were thankful, btw.)

So yeah. I was in denial about the shade I made for the GG room. I knew it would let in a bit of light around the edges, but I was thinking that for how seldom that room gets used, that it might not be such a big deal. It was a situation where you hope for hope’s sake, but really you’re just an idiot. Ya know?

My three nephews slept over last week. The four youngest boys all slept in the boys’ room (until about 10am); my oldest son and my oldest nephew slept in the GG room. They woke up at 6:30am (after being up til probably midnight). I realize that is morning to lots of people, but it’s the middle of the night around here.

As soon as I became coherent, I put blackout drapes on the shopping list. I was willing to buy fabric to make my own if need be, but we (my oldest son and I–he was as invested in this as I was) found ready-made panels in a shade of green that was in the quilt that my mother-in-law made.

quilt fabric

They’re what I’d call a true avocado green. Not the appliance color from the 70’s, but the actual color of the inside of a real avocado. It’s not too sage and not too lime.

They promise to block 99% of sunlight or some nonsense.

curtain package

They never do. Ninety-nine percent? Isn’t that like nearly all? I have never had much luck with these drapes on their own. I always double up. Let me show you what’s going on in my boys’ room.


The middle shade is purely decorative. It is there to cover the blackout panel that is behind it. The blue side panels are the same type of store bought blackout curtain that we just got for the GG room.


Behind the entire thing is a blackout panel that I made years ago. It used to be huge and was originally made to go over sliders that we had on a master bedroom going out onto a balcony when we lived in a townhouse. It has been altered multiple times over the years, and most recently cut in half to fit this window. Here’s a pic of it thumb tacked to the wall the first night we stayed here.

blackout drape

The key for maximum sun blockage is to hang it inside the window casing, as close to the top and sides as possible. I prefer a tension rod so that there is no hardware to get in the way of the panel going all the way to the edges.

tension rod

If that successfully blocks everything, you can use regular curtain panels. I just have these blue blackout panels from when the boys had blinds on their window and needed a bit extra for around the edges. I used them in here because they matched and we already had them, but the blackout panel alone sufficiently blocks all of the sunlight.

We have blinds on our master bedroom windows, followed by blackout panels on a tension rod, and then the decorative curtains.

My entire family could easily sleep til noon most Saturdays. (My kids don’t go to bed early though. Don’t expect your kids to sleep til noon if you put them to bed at 7pm. Duh.) But this is so not a parenting blog. Do whatever you want with your children’s sleep schedules. I don’t care.

Anyway, the shade on the window in the GG room is close enough to the top of the window that I didn’t need a blackout panel inside the window casing.

shade top

As long as I hang these green panels high and wide enough, they will block that little sliver of light that shines in around the sides.

wide rod

I wanted to hang them wide anyway. I wanted the curtains to be able to rest fully outside the window while open. We love the light that comes in (as long as no one is trying to sleep), and since these curtains will be open about 82% of the time, I wanted the full window to be exposed.

shade up

They’re super wrinkled because they just came out of the package. They’re 100% polyester with a thermal backing, so I can’t iron them. The wrinkles will fall out soon enough.

I bought this curtain rod from Lowe’s.

curtain rod

Just because…

clearance price

Hello!? You can’t even buy a cheap cafe rod this length for that price. I’ll take it!


It’s not really my style. I prefer very simple rod finials, or none at all. But I actually loved these. They reminded me of vintage glass doorknobs. I don’t like them for curtain rod finials, but how cool would this be for a hand towel holder? A purse hook?

glass knob

The possibilities are endless. As I type this I’m considering going back for the other two rods that were on clearance. A set of six of these would be great in a mud room, right?

I left an unfinished looking hole in the end of the rod when I removed the finials, so I looked in our stash of leftover hardware and found these.


I’m not sure what they came with or how they’re supposed to be used. They may have been feet for something? They were in a little plastic bag of four. They were a perfect fit in the curtain rod and provided that simple, clean look that I prefer.

easy finial

One more thing. I hang store bought rod pocket panels upside down. Look at the package.


See that ruffly part at the top? That’s not really my style. I prefer grommets or clips and rings, but sometimes rod pocket tops are the most affordable option or come in the right color or whatever.

Instead of putting my rod here (which would make that top part ruffle)…

rod pocket

I flip the panel over and run the rod through the hem.

curtain hem

That gives a cleaner look that I prefer.

curtain top (2)

shade down

Now I need to do something about that orange wall. Eek. Dare I admit I’m tempted to keep it since it matches a stripe in the quilt? What do you guys think? Is it hideous or keepable?