‘Tis The Season

It’s getting warm, y’all! I LOVE warm weather. Like, more than any sane person should. I would take 100° for 365 days per year over “moderate” temperatures that included anything below 60°. Seriously. This is not hyperbole. I don’t even have the words to express to you how much I love spring and summer. And I prefer 100° over 90° because we live in the water all summer long and I think it’s too cold until we’ve had several consecutive 100° days. Maybe I’m not sane. Whatever.

You know what I don’t like? Running the air conditioner before June 1. I have to admit that we’ve already ran the air conditioner upstairs (we have separate units), because who can sleep when it’s hot inside? But then we got the boys a ceiling fan and put a table fan on their dresser. They’re sleeping great up there now and we were able to turn off the A/C for probably several more weeks.

We didn’t waste any time putting a fan in our master bedroom. We’re sleeping well; I figure we also have several more weeks before it’s so hot that we need the A/C.

But there’s no fan in the living room. We’re still fine right now. It’s the perfect time of year to open all the windows and doors. It’s not hot enough for bugs yet, so we’re soaking up all the fresh air we can. But I know it’s coming. I know that it will be hot soon and the mosquitoes and flies will be coming out, so we had to get this house outfitted with fans where appropriate.

Over the kitchen table is not appropriate. At least not in my opinion.

dining fan

Why do people put fans over the kitchen or dining table? I’ve never understood that. I don’t want to eat cold food, and it seems like dust could be a problem. I might be a bit OCD, but who wants the possibility of dust falling from the fan onto the food? Yuck. I just don’t get it. Why in the world were there no ceiling fans in this house anywhere EXCEPT over the table? Weird.

So we had already added fans to our room and the boys’ room, and I decided to move the one from over the kitchen table up to the GG room. Actually I decided to have the hubs move it. I don’t usually do electrical work.

ceiling fan

The light that was in the classroom (which was formerly a formal dining room) is much more appropriate over the kitchen table.

dining light

I had the hubs take it down so I could hang it outside and spray it (the brass wasn’t working for me…I don’t care how many designers tell me brass is back, I’m not loving this fixture in shiny brass). I gave it a good cleaning first; it was fuzzy. Pretty sure it had never been dusted ever. (Which is understandable; it was way up there!)

brass light

I used Gold Abundance, which also comes in latex (of course). I used this color in our last kitchen and liked it so much that I chose it again. Lemon yellow is perfect in a kitchen!

I spray painted it on the windiest day of the year. I’m impatient like that. But it worked out fine since our patio area kinda wraps around and blocks the wind pretty well.

I hung it from a nail that remained from past Christmas lights. Yes, Christmas lights in the BACK yard. (Someday I’ll show you all 38 kazillion of those nails.) I put a drop cloth below to protect from overspray.

yellow chandelier

Don’t do this unless you can hang your light far enough away from the house that you won’t get overspray on your brick or siding. Last time I did this, I had to hang the light from a tree and liked it so much that I considered retrofitting it with citronella candles. Then I came to my senses and realized I’d probably burn down the tree. So I hung it in the dining area and didn’t get to enjoy it long enough; therefore, I’m redoing it here. So what. It’s my prerogative. (Am I the only one who can’t say that without singing?)

yellow chandelier

I can’t hang it in the kitchen yet because the rest of it is still hanging in the classroom ceiling. Ha.

can't reach

We don’t have a ladder tall enough to reach the ceiling, so the hubs just cut it off so I could spray it. The power was turned off, of course, but don’t try this at home kids.

This pic is taken from the railing on the second floor.

cut off light

Maybe I could put a piece of wood out there like a diving board and walk over there to take it down?

That leaves us with no light in the classroom, but the huge window provides plenty of sun during school hours so we’re fine temporarily.  I’ve got some ideas for a fixture, but I need to work out the details with the hubs and then I’ll show you. Hopefully next week. After we figure out how to get up there.

All the bedrooms then had fans, but we still needed one in the living room.

ceiling height

I narrowed down the dozens of options by starting with what I needed and then moving to what I preferred. This ceiling is high enough in the middle that I needed a downrod installation. I wanted oil-rubbed bronze or black to coordinate with the nearby doorknobs on the front and back doors and the curtain rods. I wanted it to be quick and easy to change a light bulb (so no shades or closed globes). I’m just particular like that. Thirty seconds here and two minutes there and five minutes over there really add up. We’re busy, y’all. If we can save time changing light bulbs, we’re gonna.

cute hubs

Isn’t he a cutie? That’s a solar tube behind him, not a light that has power while he’s messing with electrical.

I ended up getting this Harbor Breeze fan in black from Lowe’s. For about a sixteenth of a second I considered going with the black side of the blades, but quickly decided that would be ridiculous. The wood grain side ties into our fireplace and all the trim very well, while the black goes nicely with all the other hardware in the living room.

living room fan

lr fan

While we’re talking about fans, I’ll show you the fobs we decided on for the boys’ fan. They’re so cute (it’s a rule that anything in miniature is cute), and they’re totally practical.

fan fobs

I found these at Lowe’s and then walked right past the exact same thing at Walmart while getting light bulbs. They were half the price of the Lowe’s ones, so I “saved” three bucks. Woot!

For some reason I can’t find them on Walmart’s site, but the brand is Home Elegance. They were $3 something.

fan pulls

They’re actually very helpful because the boys were having a difficult time remembering which chain goes with what. (The hubs says it’s obvious, but maybe the boys have a maternal genetic issue? I’m a grown woman and still get confused.)

fan fobs

It’s nice and cool in all the appropriate rooms now and our food is not getting cold or dusty. Another successful practical update. My favorite kind!