Checking the Check List

For all of you guys who are following along at home and dying to see an updated check list, get a life here you go. Totally kidding. It’s so completely possible to have a life AND care about other people’s homes. If you guys were blogging, I’d be holding my breath in anticipation of a check list update and I’d cheer you on from afar for every small victory! Okay, so maybe it’s me who needs to get a life. Whatever. Here’s the list.

That’s my to-do list from the start of this spring. I think it’s looking pretty good, especially since I keep adding things that weren’t originally on the list (like an entry way dresser, some pop art, and frosting the front door… to name a few). Just a few more things to accomplish before I can switch gears to the bathroom, about which I’m totally excited.

We have about four weeks of school left. I’m thinking that’s plenty of time to wrap up this list, get caught up on all the laundry, scrub the entire house from top to bottom, give haircuts all around, and make final materials decisions. (It might seem weird to include haircuts on the list, but once we start a major project every free moment will be focused on it and I won’t want to “waste” a weekend afternoon giving four haircuts. I’m weird, I know.)

It’s looking like Memorial Day weekend will be our official bathroom start date, assuming no major crisis or financial destruction between now and then. Also assuming a strong finish to the semester…we’re almost to the end of our curriculum! Somebody remind me to breathe over the next month. Whew.

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