Deck the Halls

I don’t know if you guys are paying attention, but this is three posts in a row with Christmas-sounding titles. I don’t know what’s up with that. I am definitely not thinking about Christmas. Heck no! I’m excited for Summer! It’s just a totally random, quirky coincidence.

So I have this master plan to trick all the people in my house into thinking laundry is fun. Wouldn’t it be awesome if laundry was so exciting that my hubs and boys were all fighting over who got to do it? Yeah. Imma get that to happen. As if.

They don’t seem to be falling all over themselves to get in there and do laundry even though I made the door look so inviting.

laundry door

So I decided that I needed to up my game a bit. I think if I make them read that it is fun over and over and over, they will start to believe it. I bought this sign from Hobby Lobby.

laundry sign

We’re going to stare at it and chant it every morning and evening.

Okay maybe not, but I am going to hang it over the door. My guys are all so oblivious that none of them will ever even notice it there, but hopefully it will have some sort of brainwashing effect.

I really need a sign about folding/hanging/putting away the laundry. I mean, pushing a button isn’t all that difficult…but oh. my. word. I abhor putting away the laundry! Worst chore ever! Thankfully my husband often times folds laundry while he watches sports. I think it makes him feel productive while he just sits there and stares at the tv. Or maybe he just likes to love me in that way. Whatever the reason, it’s a wonderful thing! He’s an amazing husband! But he really doesn’t watch enough tv. Ugh.

Seriously, if I could hire one thing done around here, it would be the putting away of clean laundry. Anyone need a job? I can pay you in partial cans of paint.

I found the sign at Hobby Lobby a while back while looking for something else. I thought it was probably a tight fit over my door, so I measured it in the store with my keyring tape measure and texted the dimensions to myself. (I don’t branch out much with my phone. Who needs to learn how to make a memo when you can text yourself? I’m like a 70 year old in the body of a …well, of someone younger than 70…someone who should learn how to use the memo thingy.)

I didn’t want to buy it right then anyway, because it wasn’t half off. That meant it probably would be next week or the week after. I’m onto your tricks, Hobby Lobby.

I came home and measured the space and it wouldn’t fit. I was sad. I thought it was really cute and I loved that it was like a chalkboard to tie this back hallway area together with the entryway that is chalkboard. It would be like chalkboard bookends for my hallway. I pouted on the inside. Dumb sign. You and your half inch too tall. I hate you. I mean I love you.

So I went on with my life after eating a quart of Ben & Jerry’s to ease the pain. Just kidding. I totally don’t buy Ben & Jerry’s.

I really did just try and forget the sign. It’s not a good fit, Avone. Just move on. There are plenty of signs in the sea. Get a grip.

But then I was at Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks later and all the chalkboard decor was 50% off. As well as all the glassware. And metal. And wood. And everything blue. And anything floral. Okay, just kidding. But y’know, half the store was half off. Including my beloved laundry sign.

I bought it. I tried to let it go, but clearly it was meant to be. I set it free and it came back to me. I wasn’t even looking for it, but there it was (right where I left it) and it was 50% off. That had to be a sign. Hardy har har.

Okay seriously, I bought it to see if I could make it work. Because I really did like it. Simple as that. I had the idea to put blocks the thickness of the door casing on the wall and then attach the sign to the blocks. That way it would sit just over the top of the molding since it was too tall to sit above the molding.

Did that make any sense? Maybe a picture will help?


After these were already on the wall, my husband was all, “what are you doing?” And I was like, “I need these blocks to make this sit right over the molding.” And he was all, “why don’t you just use long nails and leave them sticking out far?” Sometimes he’s the smart one.

over molding

Do I like it? I don’t know.

laundry over door

It looks fine as far as the molding situation goes when you aren’t on a ladder up close to it. But I’m just not sure I love the scale. It would be great if the ceilings were ten feet high like we’ve had in the last several places we’ve lived; these eight foot ceilings take some getting used to.

laundry room sign

I’m going to look at it for a few days and decide. What do you guys think?

In other hall decking news, I hung up aerial photos of our previous homes. Nothing fancy. Just printed from Google Earth. I framed these to hang in our last house. I don’t have the image of this house printed yet because the printer is out of ink, but I was smart enough to buy several extra frames when I originally did this project. I just had a feeling we might buy more houses.

aerial photos

I black barred the addresses, because we still own most of these and this is the internet and all, but you get the idea of what it looks like.

google earth photo blurred address

They’re hung to the left of the classroom doors right before you get to the back hallway.

aerials shots

This is one of my most favorite simple little projects ever. I have so many memories attached to each house (even though we lived in a couple of them for less than a year). The hubs and I have talked about how easy it is to remember certain events because they happened at a certain house. It’s like when you’re in school. You have these little breaking points that help you categorize things, ya know? Like, “when I was in third grade____.” “I was in Mrs.____’s sixth grade class when _____.” “My junior year______.”

I absolutely love all the places we’ve lived–if not specifically for the house, definitely for the memories. I’m always like, “So and so learned to walk while we were tiling the kitchen at _____.” “Remember what that horrible bathroom was like where we lived when what’s his face _____?” And on and on.

I only framed the images of the homes we’ve owned, but we’ve lived in a friend’s rent house, a hotel (for nine weeks) and an apartment while waiting for houses to be ready. That doesn’t include the three apartments we lived in before buying our first home. (Yes, we bought our first home before our first anniversary but we had already lived in three apartments. It’s a crazy life!)

Looking at these photos sends so many perfectly categorized memories rushing to my mind. I wouldn’t do life any other way! I know it sounds dreadful to many people, but I am so absolutely content with how we’ve done things. I wouldn’t change any of it. (Except maybe my kitchen counters at our last house. I would have spent less if I had known we’d be moving soon. And used something less white for renters. Bleh. Whatever.)

Which reminds me, the hubs and I actually had a conversation about moving this past weekend. Hahaha. I’m not making this up. No, we’re not moving. It was more of a clarification conversation. We needed to make sure we were on the same page about how long we planned to stay, since that plays a major role in our decisions about what kind of renovations we do and how much money we spend.

It seems like we’ll be here for a while (whatever that means). At least that’s the plan for now.





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