Checking Off Lighting

Last time we looked at my spring checklist, it looked like this:

Guys!!! We have two weeks of school left! Then it’s time for soaking up the sun and tearing up the bathroom. Two of my very favoritest things in the whole entire world. I’ll be doing the former with my three adorable boys and the latter with my gorgeous hubs. My favorite things with all my favorite people in my favorite season!! Of course I’m counting the days!

I only had a few things left to get completed first. I decided to save the classroom until the end of summer. I’ll want to get in there and reorganize, clean, and generally prepare for school in late August anyway, so painting while everything is already pulled out just seems like a better use of my time. Also, it will kinda give me the little push of excitement that I’ll need when wrapping up my summer and plunging head first into a new school year. This time all my babies will be school age. How did this happen?!

The yard work will be ongoing concurrent to the bathroom as will the Lego project. I plan to give the boys a good foundation, but I’m tasking them with that to do over their summer break.

Everything else is just about complete! Let’s take a look.

So the hubs cut down the classroom light, because we didn’t have a ladder tall enough to actually unwire it from the ceiling.

can't reach

I spray painted it a bright lemon yellow to go over the kitchen table.

yellow chandelier

And then we just waited for a brilliant idea to hit us. We ate in the dark for days (there’s a huge window there but we rarely eat before sundown). There was enough light from the kitchen to see, but it was kind of annoying. Like one of those restaurants that’s trying too hard for ambiance.

Then one day I saw my husband doing this with the tallest extension ladder we have.

ladder ladder2

Here’s a shot from the balcony.

ladder 3

I told him to leave it up awhile so the kids could play on it like monkey bars. Seriously. I’m the coolest mom around.

monkey bars

As always, do not try this at home.

Once it was removed, I sprayed the rest of the fixture and then the hubs hung the light.

lemon light

Am I the best photographer in the world or what?


Last time you saw the master bedroom, the lamp situation was this:


I moved the arco style lamp that had previously been in the living room to the bedroom.

arc lamp2

It got moved as soon as I hung the calendar pop art, because it would have blocked it. I moved the floor lamp from the bedroom to beside that living room desk.

I knew a simple trade wouldn’t work, though. The bedroom is not modern enough for the metal shade. The IKEA lamp shade that was on the dresser lamp is made to go on a lamp or to be hung as a pendant.

dresser and shelf

lamp shade_1

So I took the metal shade off of the arco lamp and moved the IKEA shade to it. Because of how it arcs, the shade attaches in the same way that it would to a pendant. That was a pleasant surprise. (The metal shade simply unscrews, so it can be reattached if/when I want to put it back. I didn’t ruin the lamp.)

arc lamp

I found a new shade from Home Goods that was big enough for the dresser lamp without having to sell a kidney. I love Home Goods.

Continuing with lighting, I put a lamp in the GG room.

I had this thrifted lamp in a kind of brownish burgundy color. You know what cordovan leather is? (also commonly called oxblood) It reminded me of that. Totally made me think of men’s dress shoes.

cordovan lamp

I pulled a color from the window shade and quilt to paint the lamp. I went with a light aqua.

aqua paint

I used a tiny little strip of the fabric scrap I had left from the quilt my mother-in-law made and glued it around the bottom of a lamp shade.

lamp shade

I finished it off with a narrow ribbon.


So that’s all the lighting on my current to-do list. Only a couple items left, and they are in progress as I type.

Two more Fridays til school’s out, our pool opens, and the bathroom begins! Woot!







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