“Smile, you’re on Candid Camera.”

Last we left off, I had finished nearly everything on the spring to-do list. The front door had been replaced, and all of the lighting items could be marked off. So then it looked like this:

As explained earlier, I decided to hold off until the end of summer for the classroom and I tasked the boys with the Lego project for their summer break. The yard work would be ongoing, so really this is all I had left to do:

  • artwork or photos over the side table beside the rocking chair in the master bedroom
  • guest room curtains/closet
  • assemble guest room dresser
  • paint the interior front door (or replace and add a storm door)

Last time we saw the side table, it looked like this:

mcm nightstand

I finally got around to finishing off that area.

side table

The frame was a clearance Target find.


I just loved the wood color (it’s actually cork) and the white for in this room, and of course the price was right. I’m the queen of empty picture frames. I’m so putting it on my next to-do list to get images printed.

The music is “It Is Well With My Soul.” You guys might remember from the gallery wall that it’s my favorite hymn. I printed it and hung it in my last house a couple years ago during a time when I was singing it daily. I love it here by my chair!

Moving on to the GG room…I still haven’t gotten around to assembling the second dresser I got on super clearance at Target. I hoped to do it this weekend, but we had friends over one night and then went to the in-law’s out of town for Mother’s Day. It wasn’t a very “productive” weekend in regards to the to-do list, but we had a great time and relaxed plenty (something we don’t do a whole lot of around here).

This is called the GG room because it is for games and guests, remember? There is a tv and a Wii in the closet that I want to be able to hide away when we have guests. The closet had bi-fold doors when we moved in and I removed them almost immediately. I hate bi-fold doors. Pretty sure they were invented as torture devices. These slid open and closed better than any I’ve ever encountered, but I still wanted them gone.

The closet had no covering for six months, and then I finally got some fabric to make curtains. I chose a light aqua that matches the lamp. I bought this fabric at Walmart. At like 10pm on a Tuesday. I’m lucky enough to live near a Walmart that still carries fabric. I know that many of them no longer do. They do not keep the fabric counter staffed at 10pm on a Tuedsay (if ever?) though.


There was this sign. I worked at Walmart a million years ago in college, remember?

walmart avone

So I know how to work the phones. There was just this phone here with a note and I still know the number to get the intercom (unless they’ve changed it).


I was quite tempted to break out in song for everyone’s enjoyment, but instead I just dialed the number that it told me to. It was to the dressing room (if you aren’t aware, the dressing room attendants work all the phones at Walmart).

A sweet sounding lady told me that she’d send someone over to cut my fabric. After several minutes (thank goodness for smart phones to pass the time), she walked over and said that she was having a difficult time finding anyone who was “fabric trained,” but that she’d keep looking. I wasn’t annoyed. I’m mature and have grown out of such petty annoyances. Also, it’s 10pm on a Tuesday. I knew it was a lot to ask for fabric to be cut.

After several more minutes, a college-aged cart pusher walked up. I knew he was a cart pusher because of his neon shirt. Immediately after that, another guy who was probably also in his 20’s walked up and asked the guy, “you got this?” The guy said he might need some help. So the second guy stayed to supervise.

Now, I’m not sexist. Or ageist. But I found it quite humorous that they sent me two college guys to cut my fabric. It was further funny that one was a cart pusher. Walmart is brilliant. Make those people work hard! No standing around. Dressing room attendants are perfect for answering phones and cart pushers make great fabric counter help. Except when they don’t.

I was way too amused to be frustrated. Honestly. It was an enjoyable experience. I almost got my phone out to record the entire thing for you, but didn’t want to make these guys feel bad. They were so amusing. Like watching my sons figure out how to cut fabric. Not that I’m old enough to have college-aged sons. (But man, put me in a room with 20-somethings and I feel like a grandma. And happily so!)

I told them I needed 4 1/2 yards. The first guy rolls out one yard and starts to cut. I interrupted and explained that I’d like the yardage to be continuous. It was like when you give the checkers a penny after they’ve hit the enter button. Total terror. What in the world do I do with this penny?! What do you mean continuous yardage?! Had it been the afternoon and had I had my children with me or needed to get home and make dinner or be somewhere or whatever, I would have lost it at this point. Maybe.

I didn’t though. I explained what I meant by “continuous yardage” and the second guy (who was there to help) was all, “oh yeah. I know what you mean.” And then he explained to the first guy how you have to roll out the fabric to the yard line and then hold it there and then roll it out again and mark the second yard and keep doing that until you were done. It was hilarious. It was all I could do not to laugh at them.

Then they had some issues with the pricing gun. And then they had to look on their chart to see what decimal to enter for the half yard. For real. Best entertainment I’ve had in years. We were joking and talking the whole time. They were relieved that I wasn’t angry and I was just plain amused.

Then it took both of them to fold it. I had to laugh out loud by this point. They were killing me. I thought for sure I must be on a hidden camera show.

The next day I laid it out to cut it in half to make two panels for the closet. There was only four yards. *Sigh.* So I needed an additional nine inches for each panel (in case you aren’t able to determine what half of a half yard is).

I had to get creative.

I used the very last scrap from the quilt fabric. I ironed it on using hem tape and then put a ribbon over the raw edge.

hem tape iron

ribbon trim_1 curtain trim

It was a bit shy of how much I needed, but I decided to go ahead and do it and see if I could talk myself into it.

closet curtain

Nope. Too short. (Yes, that wall is pink. Someone went crazy with the assorted wall colors in here.)

too short

It hadn’t even been hemmed yet, so I knew it wouldn’t work. I grabbed a few trim options. Pink ruffly, turquoise ruffly, or pink flat.

trim options

I went with the flat pink ribbon simply because the ruffled ones had to be attached in the middle because of the ruffle. The flat one could attach at the very edge and give me a bit more length.

ribbon trim

Much better. Now I can sleep at night.

So there we go. Nothing major, but it feels good to be finished with these small decorating items that make a house feel like a home. I really wish I had some better photography skills. I think this place it starting to look pretty good, but my pics don’t do it justice. Everyone just come visit!



    • I was a quarter yard short on each panel. A half yard short in total. I asked for 4 1/2 yards and received 4 yards. Since I was cutting the fabric in half to make two panels, I was short by 9 inches on each one. Make sense? 🙂

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