Baseball Game, Birthday Party, Bathtub, Brothers, and Branches

Update: We didn’t catch any mice the first night we realized we had them (with only a few traps). The next night we put out 20 traps (I was serious about putting an end to this quickly!), which you saw in this post from last week, and caught two mice. We haven’t caught any the last four nights. Hopefully that means they’re gone. I am scattering pellets around the garage and attic just in case.

This weekend was packed full. We went out of town Friday to visit my twin brother and watch my nephews play baseball and then had a birthday party the next day. I had a nice chat with a college friend and then we made it back in time for my husband’s brother (who also lives out of town, but was picking up some furniture in our area) to come up with his trailer and help us move a corner bathtub from Lowe’s in a nearby city to our home. It was back-to-back craziness and lots of driving.

We were exhausted. We didn’t have the energy to open the bathtub Saturday night. The hubs and my brother-in-law left it in the entrance of the classroom.


I knew it would fit in the bathroom, but getting it down our hallway and turned around the tight corners near the guest bath and laundry room was the questionable part. (It’s a six-foot corner tub.) We were too tired to mess with it Saturday, but anxiously opened it and moved it to our bedroom Sunday after we got home from church.

unpack tub

It was a tight fit, but sans the box we were able to get around the corners and doorways.

Whomp whomp.

Even though it had foam packaging on the edges, it still had a cracked corner.

cracked tub

Argh. The only thing worse than getting home with something broken is when it requires a borrowed trailer to do so. (We wouldn’t even have purchased it yet if it weren’t for my BIL passing through with the trailer. We are weeks away from needing the tub, so thankfully this isn’t setting back our not-even-begun-yet timeline or anything crucial.)

The hubs is calling Lowe’s today to see if he can get them to come and get this tub and bring us a new one (without the $75 delivery fee, of course). Neither of the Lowe’s stores in our town had this tub in stock, which is why we had to bring it from another city, but luckily there are about eight more Lowe’s in the greater metro area. Hopefully they’ll graciously agree to his gentle requests. They’re pretty great with customer service, so you never know. *fingers crossed*

I did FINALLY assemble the dresser I bought two months ago for the GG room, though. So I did “accomplish” something this weekend.

GG dresser

I just tossed some books and an orchid up there for now; the room is far from complete. Notice the calamine-lotion colored wall. There really is a fine assortment of wall colors in that room.

The hubs worked in the yard a bit Sunday afternoon while I put the dresser together. He cut some branches away that were rubbing the roof and clogging the gutters.

saw branches

I’m not sure what else he did, but it involved filling up the trash cart. Again. I’m pretty sure it’s not an exaggeration to say that no one raked leaves for a decade here. Someday we’ll start the week with an empty cart.

dumpster of leaves




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