I think it’s time to breakup.

Did you ever date someone way too long just because there wasn’t anyone better to replace him? Yeah me neither. Who would do that? Pshhh.

Lowe’s and I have been together for a very long time. We dated other people for quite a while before becoming pretty much exclusive for the last 6 or 8 years. But I’m not sure we can continue at this level. Hopefully we can remain friends, but this current relationship is wearing me out.

So we bought a bathtub from a store two towns away (just suburbs of the metro…not like across the state…but still) because our closest stores didn’t have it in stock. We planned the purchase to time out with when my brother-in-law was in town with his trailer getting some furniture. He helped us bring the tub home and then went and got his furniture. It wasn’t completely out of his way or anything, but it was a huge waste of all of our time since we got it home and it was cracked.

Side note: we seriously need a truck. I say that at least once a week. I can’t believe we’ve made it two years without one. The hubs drove his last truck for 15 years and had a truck before that. He’s had a truck his entire driving life except the last two years. It’s been a huge adjustment. Kinda like I’d imagine adjusting to not having the internet would be after having it half your life.

We really didn’t think the crack was our fault. It was cracked underneath some serious foam packaging, so we called the store we purchased it from and explained the situation. They said it had been a return. What?! Don’t they inspect returned items before re-shelving them?

We even asked to have the box opened in the store to look at the jets because some of the reviewers, as well as someone we know who owns the prior model of this tub, haven’t been thrilled with the jets. They said that wasn’t necessary and then showed us a picture. We had our questions answered so we were satisfied. Not a huge deal, but I just want it on the record that I asked to have the box opened before we even bought it. It seemed to be unopened. It looked like all the original staples and straps were on the box as if brand new.


So the hubs talked to the original store and asked if they would be willing to deliver us a new tub and pick up the old one while they were here, free of charge for our troubles. I didn’t know what to expect. If they had said that they can’t guarantee the quality of every item they sell and that it was our responsibility to get it back to the store for a return, I would have totally respected and understood that. (Although I would have thrown a fit in this case, since it was a re-shelved, returned item.)

But that’s not what they said. They told him to call our local store and work out the return. So he did. He called our local store and went in and talked to a couple different people and got it all worked out.

They put in an order for one (it’s not stocked at our local, smaller Lowe’s) and charged us for it. When it arrived at the store, they were going to deliver it to us for free and take back the first one, at which point they would refund that one.

It just took a few days for the tub to come in and I got a call from Lowe’s, “Mrs. Mobley? Your bathtub has arrived and is ready for pickup at any time during store hours.” Ugh. Here we go. I told him that it was supposed to be delivered and he said that it didn’t say that in the system. I explained the situation and he said, “oh yeah. I remember hearing something about that. Let me talk to a manager and call you back.”

He never did. The next evening, my husband went into the store to see if they got it figured out. They said they would deliver it on Monday (this was Friday). The hubs clarified, “on Memorial Day?” The guy said yes and gave him a time frame of 8am to 5pm and told him they usually call with a two hour notification (I guess so you can get home if you’re not home?). Thankfully, we didn’t have plans to go out of town or anything. We were planning to be home working all day anyway, so this wait wasn’t nearly as annoying as cancelling your day to wait on the cable guy or something.

We made a trip to the store on Memorial Day for some other things, and it was getting pretty late in the afternoon (I believe it was nearly 4pm). Since we hadn’t received our two-hour notice yet, and it was supposed to be delivered by 5pm, we stopped by the service desk to check on it. The first person told us that it didn’t show that it was supposed to be delivered. Well, duh. No one ever updates the system. I had a friend go to the ER recently and it’s exactly the same. You tell five people the same thing and they “supposedly” put it in the chart and yet the next nurse/doctor/administrative staff asks the same questions.

She called over a different guy (one that the hubs and I have both worked with before and really like. Hey, Kiddo! Keep up the good work. You’re our favorite!) He knew my husband and was familiar with the situation. He pretended to read the chart. No wait. That was my friend’s nurse. He looked at something on the screen and assured us that it was on the truck and they were probably just running behind. Sounds legit. I trust you, Lowe’s. We’ve been tight for years. You pretty much never let me down.

At about 8pm I insisted that the hubs call the store. They told him that it didn’t get on the truck. I’m gonna guess that’s because no one put it in the system to be delivered, even though half a dozen people know the story now. They promised to mark it “priority” and deliver it first thing in the morning.

The hubs hung up and told me that. I reminded him that the jackhammer had to be returned by 8am and then he had to go to his actual job. Someone has to pay for all these bathtubs. He really wanted to be here when it was delivered to inspect it, so he called back and talked to Carl. Oh sweet Carl. They changed it to first thing Wednesday morning.

I got a call about 9am on Tuesday morning, “Mrs. Mobley? Your bathtub is still awaiting pickup. You can pick it up during store hours.” I told him that it was to be delivered the next morning first thing. He said that he had no record of that but that he would put me down for delivery. “I can’t guarantee that it will be first thing, but I’ll put you down for morning.”

“NO! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! Carl promised to mark it PRIORITY and said that it would be delivered by 8am. Why are you guys not talking to each other!? Why can’t you update the system!?!” I thought to myself while I calmly said, “I’ll have my husband call. He is the one who has been speaking with Carl. They have something worked out already.” I’m kinda surprised he didn’t say, “who’s Carl?”

When my husband came in from work, I told him not to expect the bathtub to be delivered in the morning. I told him that I got called AGAIN to tell me to come pick it up. I urged him to call and confirm for the morning, but he did not. Poor thing was exhausted. He fell asleep watching basketball. I think he has a serious case of dust inhalation.

So when I got up Wednesday morning (not “first thing” by most people’s standards), the cracked tub was still here and the new one had not been delivered. I texted the hubs and asked if he knew what was up. He did not. Oh Carl, sweet sweet Carl. My trust in you is wearing thin. But that’s okay. I still trust what’s-his-name that said he would deliver it Wednesday morning. He hasn’t ever let me down.

Wednesday morning came and went. I bawled my eyes out over a bowl of ice cream. You know that moment when you realize a relationship has to end? Yeah. It was like that.

Not really. I can’t eat ice cream. Are you kidding me? It’s swimsuit season and I don’t have the metabolism of a 25-year old anymore. Ugh. I didn’t cry either (at least not about the tub, maybe about swimsuit season). I’m over it. More like I rolled my eyes and thought to myself, “I deserve better than this. We’re breaking up. Just as soon as I get my bathtub.”

At about 12:30pm (so not too terribly long after “morning” had ended), I got a call from Lowe’s. I was kinda nervous to pick up. I didn’t want it to be another reminder to come get my tub and I wasn’t quite ready for the breakup talk yet. My stomach was in knots. Just kidding. I said “hello?”

“Mrs. Mobley? This is Lowe’s delivery. We had technical difficulties with our delivery truck this morning, but I can come right now and bring your bathtub. I’m in your area.” Of course you did and of course you are. I’ll believe it when I see it.

I confirmed the address, because I’m not stupid. For some reason they can’t get our address updated in their system and I was aware of that. Good thing I asked; they had the wrong address. And it wasn’t even one of my old addresses. Weird. They usually at least have one of my addresses attached to my phone number. But not this time. They had some street I’ve never even heard of. I don’t know what’s going on at that store anymore. It’s not the man I first fell in love with.

I calmly asked, “you’re picking up the old one while you’re here and taking it back to the store, correct?” “Um…my paperwork doesn’t say anything about that.” (Of course it doesn’t.) …”but I guess I am. Sure.”

At 12:44pm, this pulled up.

lowe's truck

Awww, isn’t he cute? How can I breakup with that? Maybe I should just forgive him and give him another chance.

After all, I do have this in my living room.

tub box

I’m not holding my breath for the return. Pretty sure I’ll have to make more than one trip to Lowe’s to make sure they credit my account. Oh my precious Lowe’s, what have you become? 🙁

In all seriousness, we love Lowe’s. They make mistakes and fail to communicate well sometimes (just like in any relationship), but they have provided excellent customer service for years. I think Imma stick this one out for the long haul.

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