It’s funny to me how much “landscaping” (if you can call it that?) this house has going on, and yet there were no flowerbeds right here…

needs landscaping

Those spots beside the fireplace are crying out for flowerbeds, right?

Maybe no one ever put any there because they didn’t want to spring for gutters?

needs gutter

The rain runs right off the roof and creates a trench here. Can you tell the depth difference in this pic? Not sure it’s very clear.


It looks like this while it rains.


Also, the rain runs down the side of the fireplace, causing moss to grow.


Gutters are on the to-do list, and just moved way up to the top because I had to get my marigolds and lemon thyme in the ground before they died. They aren’t going to repel mosquitoes if they’re a dried up, crumbly mess in a container on my porch.

Without gutters, anything that is planted here will wash out and run down my sloped yard. The hubs is taking care of that soon. As soon as I quit pulling him away to other things.

We had these edging stone things that were in a “flowerbed” (???) on the other side of the yard.

edging ring

That entire area is getting a major facelift as soon as I can figure out what to do with all of those rocks.

I pulled some of the edging stones out of the ground and set them over here to see if I liked them. I was willing to buy something else, but of course I’m a strong believer in using what I already have, so I wanted to try those first.

left bed right bed

They were fine. Definitely good enough to get this flowerbed going. I’m not that opinionated on this type of thing (shocking, I know) and I for sure wanted to keep the cost down. Landscaping is expensive!!

I started to the right of the fireplace, simply because there was less grass growing there to begin with. I don’t know much about this kinda thing, but I know enough to dig the grass out and start fresh. I dug deeper where I wanted to partially bury my edging.

dig edge

We had some of that black paper stuff that we had pulled up from underneath some of those thirteen trillion rocks. I figured I might as well use it. I laid it down and then we began setting our plants out to see where to dig.

felt paper

This kid is a natural. He must have seen this on Mickey Mouse or something. He officially knows as much as I do about planting things.

plant1 plant2

plant3 plant4

plant5 plant6


We planted lemon thyme and marigolds just for starters, and then we needed grass in front of the edging.

needs grass

I had this great idea to make our own mini sod rows as we dug out the other side of the fireplace. Who knows if it’ll grow or die? It’s worth a shot and if it works, it’ll be much faster than grass seed. (I’m already tired of waiting on that in other areas of the yard.)

scoop grass

See where I laid the little strips down in front of the edging? Exactly like mini sod, right?

mini sod rows

I filled that in as best I could with what we dug up from the left of the fireplace. Then I did the same process planting marigolds and lemon thyme over on that side. Marigolds are annuals, I’ve learned. They’ll last through the fall if I don’t kill them and then I’ll be planting something perennial in the future.

I wanted some height at the back of the flowerbeds, so I got Barberry Golden and Euonymus Golden shrubs for the corners of the flowerbeds. Surely I can’t kill those.

barberry euonymus

I planted them and watered everything well and then added mulch.


This is what $115 of landscaping looks like. We’re going to go broke here.

left flowerbed right flowerbed





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