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I’m pretty sure I’m the best blog post namer on the face of the planet. If there were blog olympics, I’d bring home the gold in titles. And I’d probably take silver in photography. And maybe bronze in delusional.

So yeah, as this brilliantly clever blog title suggests, today’s post is a moodboard for the master bathroom remodel.

I reserve the right to change each and every item multiple times, but this is at least an idea of where my head is right this second.

The hubs and I have different design sensibilities. I have awesome style and he doesn’t. Haha. Just kidding. He has excellent taste, but it isn’t always exactly in line with mine. I lean towards ultra modern and/or MCM, but you’d never know it because he reigns me in. He keeps me balanced. He prevents us from living in a Jetson’s house or the Brady Bunch set. (I don’t think I’d really go that crazy and theme-y, but we’ll never know because he prevents it.)

Funny thing is, when it comes to costly renovations and things that are attached to the house (like cabinets rather than a chair), I like to play it safe/go classic. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to spend lots of money on something that will go out of style in a decade and be super difficult to change? Hello, harvest gold bathroom tile. Nice to meet you, country blue kitchen backsplash. Good to see you again, hunter green entryway tile. You’re looking mighty trendy today, chevron-patterned barn wood floor. Know what I mean?

For that reason, kitchens and bathrooms are difficult for us. I’m always fighting a battle within myself between playing it safe and going modern. I’m also fighting a battle with my husband over being too classic when he wants to be more contemporary. And then there’s the issue of staying true to the style of the house. And, of course, not being too trendy (which is the easiest for us…we’ve torn out enough colored tile and foil wallpaper to know better).

Someday my kids will be grown and I won’t care about the amenities of a current HOA. I’ll kiss the neighborhood pool, park, tennis and basketball courts goodbye. I’ll say “see ya later” to the Easter egg hunts and July 4th parades. I’ll be in retirement mode and not care as much about resale value. I’ll pack my bags and head to Palm Springs where I’ll spend my golden years renovating the very last not-yet-updated mid-century atomic ranch. Or maybe I’ll retire to Manhattan’s upper-west side in a great modern loft. I should probably get both. NYC is freaking cold in the winter. Or neither. My grandbabies would love the amenities of a great mid-western, suburban HOA. Ahh, Oklahoma…home sweet home..

Dreams aside, right now I live in a pretty average suburban neighborhood whose homes were built in the late 20th century. Dallas style homes are very popular (as with every. single. housing addition. built. in Oklahoma. in the last 25 years. *sigh*).

So we need to fit the neighborhood, stay within a reasonable budget, please both of our design styles, and think forward to staying power and resale value. Challenge accepted.

I want to choose materials that I would have loved fifty years ago and would love fifty years from now. (Of course that’s just a guessing game.) So no brown and black granite for me. If I see another slab of baltic brown or uba tuba, Imma throw a loaf of faux bread at a cardboard tv. (Calm down, Avone. Step away from the model homes.) No offense to the uba tuba lovers. I get it. Everyone loved avocado appliances at one point, too. Totally understandable.

I love carrara marble. It was loved five decades ago and I’m betting that it will be five decades from now. It is not in my budget. The husband is not crazy about it anyway. But that is the type of classic material that I’m talking about. Timeless! Traditional! Modern! Never dated! Sure, not everyone loves it (like my husband), but I can guarantee you that a decent majority of people have loved it for a century. I don’t think mauve laminate counters can say that.

Is that a good example? Are you getting me? You understand where I’m coming from? Is my thought process clear? It’s like a wardrobe. Timeless pieces that you can wear for the next decade, mixed with trendy less-expensive clothing items and accessories. Right? Right.

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s get to the good stuff.

First, some moodboards that we aren’t using. Just because creating these are fun and this is my blog.

If I lived in a mid-century ranch…

mcm bathroom

I can’t actually imagine putting that much color (that’s not easily changeable, like wall color) into a bathroom, but I’m thinking that if I ever do get to own a mid-century ranch, I’ll probably want to embrace some serious period trends. I’ll probably never know, but it’s fun to dream.

If I lived in a NYC loft…

nyc loft bathroom

Yeah. That one is for sure never going to happen.

If I felt comfortable spending lots of money (and time) on trends…

modern rustic bathroom

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit too much chevron/herringbone and rusticity, but if I were doing a trendy bathroom right this very second, it would be modern-rustic. I’m too cautious to fully embrace trends in bathrooms and kitchens (expensive places), but I envy those of you who aren’t. Well, kinda. When you’re tearing down all that gray herringbone shower tile, I’ll still be enjoying my basic white subway tile. Or not. I’ll probably be tearing out the barnwood floor that someone else is working diligently on right this very second. Or maybe someone’s pennytile backsplash. I can hear myself now, “the barn door is definitely not staying. Why did we all love those so much?!” (For the record, I LOVE the rustic style. Right now. If you embrace trends, go for it! I’m a practical girl who’s too cheap and can’t stop thinking long-term, but I’ll live vicariously for sure!)

Enough day dreaming, here’s what I’m actually thinking for this bathroom…

classic budget bathroom

That’s not nearly as pretty as the other boards because I used actual product images rather than any pictures from completed bathrooms.

Hopefully I can manage to incorporate some elements from each of the dream scenarios without it looking like a hodge podge disaster. I want this bathroom to “stand the test of time” as they say (as if any design truly does that), without being too safe and boring. I want it to reflect some of ALL of my style preferences without looking like a hot mess of different decades and trends.

Now hopefully it will keep raining all weekend so we can force ourselves to stay inside and finish the bathroom demo. Happy Friday!


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