Storm Door Completion. Finally.

Remember a while back when I got an awesome deal on a storm door because it was an open box/return? Well, sometimes open-box items are missing pieces. That’s to be expected. I don’t understand why it is difficult to put all of the hardware back in the box when you return something to the store, but apparently it’s hard work. Whatever. You get what you pay for.

If it were missing something major, y’know, like…the glass…I would have returned it. But it was such a good deal that I really wanted to make it work. It was missing the rail extenders, which are apparently a patented Larson item that helps with an exact fitting installation. They were easily purchased from their website for $2.51. That’s the price for two of them including free shipping. Not expensive at all. But we did have to wait a while for them to arrive, which is why this post is forever after the original mentioning of the storm door.


1rail extender

They slide onto the side rails of the door frame so you can pull them down to the exact height of your door for a perfect fit once the storm door is installed.


If you don’t have them, it will look like your door is floating. I didn’t want a floating door, so the hubs ordered the extenders.

You might remember that we had molding around our door that had to be removed before the storm door frame could be attached.


Removing the molding gave us a flat, squared-off surface to attach the door frame to, but we still needed a shim right here…


This door was not made with a storm door in mind, so they didn’t frame it to accommodate one. No big deal. Making it smaller is much easier than making it bigger.


The hubs cut some scrap wood to act as a shim that ran the full length of the door. I heard him mutter something about how ridiculous his table saw was. When I told him that I agreed and reminded him that I’ve been insisting on a new one, he started saying it wasn’t THAT bad. Haha. He’s crazy. It’s horrible. The guide is broken. The power switch is broken. I think one of the legs is messed up. That thing is awful. I tried to be nice and let him pick out his own way back for Valentine’s Day, but he refused. I guess I’ll just have to pick it out myself and bring it home and start using it. 🙂


The hubs installed the frame according to the directions. I don’t remember what I was doing, but I wasn’t around for pictures. Maybe I went to Lowe’s to pick out a table saw?

I asked him to put the screen in for now rather than the glass. It’s been raining a lot here and it’s still pretty cool (imo). We aren’t using our air conditioner yet (except occasionally the upstairs one at bedtime for the boys or when we have guests, ’cause we’re considerate like that), so I wanted the screen for a while. I’m sure we’ll switch to glass pretty soon.

He also installed the closer and the handle, following the directions for each.

closer deadbolt

I don’t really think that deadbolt will do much good with the screen option in place, but it provides another layer of security when the glass is installed. I’m not really concerned about security here, but a keyed deadbolt on a storm door is a nice feature to have if you are.

This seems like a good place to mention that I realize not everyone loves a storm door, and I agree that doors are usually prettier without them. This is purely a functional decision for me. Sometimes you just have to choose function over form.

The bumpy part of the molding had to be cut off so that the storm door frame would sit right.The hubs cut along the pink line, removing the area where there’s a pink X. Then, he moved the remaining molding over.


He also had to shorten the crown/cornice.

cut cornice

Then he nailed it all back on.

nail trim

So now it looks like this…


Which is better than this…

no molding2

The molding and the siding are clearly both in need of a paint job, but I’m glad to have the doorway put back together.

old outline

The doorbell has also been painted and rehung.

brass doorbell

black doorbell

And I took down one of fifteen trillion cords/cables that are running all over the place around here. (It was running across the top of the doorway, which can be seen in the pics above.)

cords cords2


Someone didn’t care much about keeping a clean house or taming the forest, but they sure loved Christmas lights. Someday I’ll remove all the rest of the cords and cables, as well as the remaining thirty-eight kazillion nails, and paint this entire exterior. But one thing at a time. Back to the bathroom…


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