My husband is super smart. He was Valedictorian. He taught himself into a new career after graduating with a degree that wasn’t all that marketable in Oklahoma. He taught himself a ton of stuff about fixing cars and doing electrical work and plumbing and building and all the other million things he does above and beyond his day job.

Really. He’s way smarter than I am. And I’m no dummy. 🙂

But then sometimes…

Hubs: (said confusingly to me as I walked into the room)I’m having a horrible time finding the stud here. There’s a bit of resistance like there’s a stud, but then the nail just goes in easily.”

Me: “uh, you mean like as if you were nailing through the drain pipe from upstairs?”

Hubs: “Oh.”

plumbing pipe

I actually had to talk him into tearing out the drywall to look.

nail hole

That purple stuff is just old glue from when they joined the PVC pieces.

nail holes

And even then he said, “It’s not pressurized. It won’t leak out. The whole pipe would have to be full before it would leak.”

“Okay. Whatever. You stay here and I’ll go flush the upstairs toilet.”

I also turned on the sink and tub just to get a bit more water coming down since one little toilet flush doesn’t release that much water. I wanted to know what it would be like if we were draining a bath.

A few seconds later, I heard a muffled scream through the floor. I’m not completely sure what he said, but I’m almost certain it was “STOP!!!”

Thankfully, he’s not only smart, but extremely calm and humble. This kind of thing doesn’t get under his skin. We all make mistakes. We just fix them and move on. We’ve both grown a ton in our marriage and especially in our DIY adventures. Seriously, if you think marriage and children are good for you, you should remodel a home with your spouse while living in it. Not have someone else remodel your home; I mean YOU do it with your HUSBAND. So yeah, it was no big deal. Honestly. We’re at least five houses past that. And thankfully, a patch seems to have fixed it.

Our new tub is quite a bit bigger than the old one. It fits in the space fine, but only has about two inches to spare. The old tub had a deck around the top. I didn’t want to make a deck that was one inch on each side. That just seemed like a nightmare to clean, not to mention how silly it would look. Obviously two inches on just one side would look even more ridiculous.

This wasn’t a surprise. I actually made the tub decision based primarily on its size. A larger tub is barely more expensive than the smaller ones (if you’re already getting a whirlpool anyway), but this size will “save” us a few hundred dollars on decking material.

So, the solution is to make the space narrower. Those boards in the pic up there were the start of that process. But now I want to leave that wall open for at least a week or two to see if the patch is going to hold. We definitely don’t want to tear out our new wall and all of the new tile surround that will be there if we spring a leak.

They’re tiny little nail holes, and we sealed them with silicone followed by plumber’s cement. So I’m very hopeful that we won’t have to tear out everything and get a new drain pipe all the way down.

I’ll definitely explain the entire process of making the space smaller, as well as framing in the tub when we get to that.

We’re done with the demo (though there’s still a pile of tile to be hauled off) so I’ll tell you all about that starting Friday.


  1. Whoopsies! Yep, if that is the only whoopsies ever made, and you did find it before critical stage, you kids are doing great!

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