One Month In

Thanks to everyone who noticed my absence last week. It feels good to be missed! We took the boys to Six Flags, visited some friends, saw an air show, went to the museum, did lots of swimming. Just trying to enjoy some of this summer before it slowly sneaks away. A break from working means a break from blogging in the days following, since I have nothing to report. But we’re back at it, so I’ll be back on schedule this week.

A new schedule, though. I’ve been posting three times per week ever since I started blogging, but I think two will be sufficient as we work on these bigger projects that take longer to complete. Nothing set in stone, but I’m toying with Monday and Thursday posts throughout the rest of summer. We’ll see how it goes. (I might pop in with some smaller projects if I do any on the side while working on the bathroom remodel.) Thanks for coming along for the ride. I’m so thrilled that you guys actually care what we’re doing around here. I really am grateful!

So, we’re a month into our bathroom remodel. How the heck did this happen? Where did June go? Tomorrow is July?! I honestly don’t know what I did with June. I swear it was Memorial Day, like, three days ago.

As mentioned in a previous post, the hubs is getting old and tired. (He’s a couple years younger than I am, so I suppose I must be also.) He works a long day (like everyone else) and doesn’t usually feel like working when he comes home from his day job. Therefore we haven’t worked a lot of evenings, and we’ve been out of town two different weekends. (Let me take a moment to be vulnerable here and admit that I’m having a difficult time adjusting to the new us. No matter what “they” say, 40 is not the new 20. Not that I’m 40. Nope. A million years away from 40.)

So really, we’re only about a week into this remodel, right? If you only count the weekends, and don’t include the weekends we were gone…I think we’ve worked in there about 8 days. Okay, that makes me feel a bit better. And very worried. We may die before this bathroom is completed at this rate.

In case you’ve forgotten where we were, we tore out the tile, tore out the bathtub, nailed through a drain pipe, tore out the vanities and toilet, and tore out the shower.

It was actually a great time to take a break so we could give that patched pipe a couple of weeks to see if we might spring a leak before moving on. We really couldn’t do anything else. The tub has to be framed in before we can tile and we need to tile before we can build the vanities, and we have to do the vanities before we can do the backsplashes, and we have to do the backsplashes before…you get the idea.

The only thing left in the room at this point (besides dust, a pile of old tile, and some broken shower doors) was the mirror. It was one of those medicine cabinet/mirror/light fixture trifecta monstrosities.

medicine cabinet


I’m hoping to reuse the mirror elsewhere (apart from the wood frame and lights, of course), so smashing it to slivers wasn’t the best removal option.

First, the hubs removed the light fixtures and capped off the wires.

capped wires

The mirror was glued to the wooden frame, so it had to be cut out. If we weren’t trying to salvage it, we could have broken it and pried the wood pieces apart. But it took a bit more thought. I thought way too hard about this thing. In the end, we just decided to cut around it. The hubs cut across the top of the frame, and then cut the top so the sides could be pried off. Maybe some short video clips would help understand that?

That’s fancy videography right there. I just wanted you to get a feel for how nervous I was with him cutting and hammering right at the edge of the mirror.

Once he worked it loose, I put down the camera and got ready to help him catch it. It took a couple of good jerks and a bit of wiggling, which is much better than it just falling right off and us trying to catch it. 😉

(I was expecting the mirror to break at any time, but it never did. It’s leaning up in the classroom out of the way, waiting it’s turn in a long line of projects I will get to if we ever finish this bathroom.)

mirror frame

Then the hubs used a sledge hammer to remove the medicine cabinets and the rest of the wooden frame.

sledge hammer

So then we were for real done with demo. All the way. Everything from this point on will be putting back together rather than taking apart. Woohoo!

After clearing out and hauling off the last load of tile, concrete, wood scraps, and a few rogue glass chunks (from the shower doors)…it was finally a blank canvas. Well, if you can call this a blank canvas…

blank canvas

I’ll be back later this week to show you some noticeable progress, assuming we work some evenings between now and then.