Who Am I Anymore?

Remember a few years ago when that wood-look tile first came on the market? I was simultaneously thrilled and disgusted.

“Who are they trying to fool? No one is going to believe that’s real wood, are they? That’s as awful as that 60’s wood-look laminate counter stuff. Wait. People loved that. I kinda like that in the right places.”

“Maybe this product isn’t horrible? Maybe it’s brilliant?! I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. I’ll never use it. It’s too pretentious for me.”

Fast forward to present day.

I have looked at every floor tile option in the metro plus some. I don’t want to, but I keep coming back to the faux wood ceramic tile. Why?! Because the heart wants what it wants?! (That saying is stupid, by the way. I abhor it.)

You guys know I’m too cautious to put barnwood or something so trendy in here. Not because I don’t like it, but because I’m too chicken. I’m also practical. I’d never use real wood (or wood laminate, for that matter) on a bathroom floor. That just seems like a nightmare.

So, I don’t want barnwood and I don’t want faux wood ceramic. Both are too trendy and too questionable for my normal modus operandi.

Guess what I chose for the master bathroom floor.

floor tile

It’s called Natural Timber Ash and it looks the most like real wood that I’ve seen. Exactly like the side of an old barn. It’s gorgeous! And it’s fake. So what.

I don’t even know who I am anymore. You know what else, this was the hubs’ favorite also. And we looked at a kajillion options. Must be meant to be. (I hate that saying too.) It’s not meant to be. It’s floor tile. It’s not important.

I won’t bore you with EVERY option that we considered, but I will show you just a few of the frontrunners.

portland tile

This one was a fast favorite based mostly on price. We do like it though, so I bought some anyway. I plan to use it in the laundry room. But that’s like six rooms from now. (It looks much better in person. That image from their site is horrible. Maybe I can successfully take a better picture when we get around to installing it. Probably not.)

We both prefer the look of rectangular tile over square tile…at this juncture in time at least… but our preferences change all the time. So that put these in the running.

mitte gray tile

This tile has a cool concrete look, but it was too solid for our taste. I like tile with color variation.

charcoal floor tile

This one had a bit more variation, but it was a little too dark. I don’t know if you can tell by the images, but it’s actually quite a bit darker. It’s called charcoal.

metro gris tile

We saw a tile very similar to this one in an elevator in Arlington not too long ago and the hubs said , “I’d like something like this for our bathroom.” I like it very much, and I’d consider it in a loft. I think it’s too modern for our space, though, and I feel like the subtle lines don’t mesh well at all with the veining we’ll have in some other materials that I’ll show you later (after we make final decisions.) (Again, it looks much better in person. The HD needs a better photographer. I should apply.)

I also looked at local tile stores and The Tile Shop. We didn’t only consider the big-box stores, but as usual, they had an excellent selection and the best prices. They didn’t get to be the big guys for no reason. So yeah. Shop locally and all that stuff. But when it comes down to it, money talks. At least in this house. (And I just love doing business with Lowe’s because they’ve been very good to us over the years.)

So we knew we wanted gray, we knew we wanted rectangular…that kept leading back to faux wood. Faux barnwood, to be precise. I wanted to incorporate all of my favorite styles in some way, so this would satisfy the modern-rustic vibe I’m in love with right now.

Will I regret it? Meh. Who knows? I don’t think there’s anyway to know. A decade ago I’m pretty sure we all thought beige would last forever. Point being, do what you love. Nothing will stay in vogue forever.

Hey, I’ve been hijacked! Who typed that nonsense? 😉

Seriously though, it’s a balance between being safe and loving it. If I thought we were moving next year, I’d do something a little safer. But I don’t know that. “Apparently” we’re going to stay here a while. (I can barely say that without laughing. Time will tell. And, no, those aren’t unnecessary quotes.) So since that’s the case, I’m using what I prefer. I might hate it in five years (if we’re here that long), but it’s just tile. It comes up.

So once the decision was made to go with a faux barnwood, I actually had several choices.

The Tile Shop had lots of faux wood to choose from, but the price wasn’t as competitive for nearly identical product to Lowe’s and Home Depot. I narrowed it down to two options from Home Depot. Montagna Rustic Bay and Montagna Dapple Gray. They both come in 6″x24″ and they’re both a little over $2 per sq ft. They were just a darker and lighter option, but pretty much the same tile.

montagna rustic bay montagna dapple gray

Lowe’s had a few faux wood porcelain and ceramic options, but nothing that was a weathered gray look. I had nearly almost probably for sure maybe 🙂 made my decision to go with the Rustic Bay (after looking for about six weeks total) and two days later I was in Lowe’s for who-knows-what and had to take my littlest guy to potty. They had just put out a pallet of the Natural Timber Ash on the very back end cap where no one would see it unless they were going to the bathroom. Weird choice, Lowe’s, but whatever.

It’s rectangular, but it’s 8″x48″ rather than the 6″x24″ options I had seen everywhere else. I loved the longer length and also found the pattern to be more authentic looking. It was also a bit more expensive, at $3.70 per sq ft, but I’d prefer to spend my money at Lowe’s anyway. Besides that, the heart wants what the heart wants. I showed it to the hubs and he said to go with it. He liked it the best out of everything also. I love when that happens.

I’ll definitely show you some real life pics of it once we get it on the floor, but we didn’t get to that this weekend. We spent the 4th (and 5th) in DFW. I swear we just need to buy a condo in downtown Dallas. I feel like I’m there every week these days.



  1. We got the Dapple Gray, and it will be installed starting Monday. Both my wife and I love the color. We’ll see how it is once it’s finished.

    • We were worried about it, given the size of these tiles, but it went down fine. As long as your floor is level you shouldn’t have any problems.

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