We’re getting somewhere.

Okay, so I’m not really painting the house yet. I was more just painting the garage door so it doesn’t look so trashy until we do get around to really painting the house, remember?

I still had some prep work to do, though. The garage door was nasty. It must not have been cleaned ever. Houses are a lot of work. I don’t think some people realize that.

I was hoping to be able to get away with just spraying down the door with the water hose, but that alone wasn’t working.

This rubber seal around the garage door was seriously disgusting.

dirty seal

I had to break out some grime-cutting soap and a scrub brush.

scrub brush

You can tell how well it was working on the right side of this image.

partial clean

I scrubbed and sprayed and scrubbed a second time. Then sprayed it all away.

clean seal

There are some places that are rotted out on the garage trim.

wood rot

I’m sure the hubs will replace all the wood work that needs to be replaced when we paint in the fall, so I’m not even going to waste my time painting the trim right now. I was really JUST painting the garage door. Have I said that?

I had help, so everything went twice as fast. Something like that.


He did an awesome job. Reached as high as he could.

reach high

I only caught him goofing off on the clock a couple times.

Practicing his name…

paint name


Drawing a bit.


Then this one caught wind that we were outside having a blast, so he came to help near the end.

two helpers

So anyway. Here it is.

painted door

It looks extremely beige next to the ultra-cool country blue trim, but once that’s changed, it won’t look as beige. It’s definitely a warm color, but it has gray undertones. Just like the name Smoked Oyster suggests.

In other news…

The hubs finished hanging the rest of the drywall behind the vanity area and behind the toilet. Then he got to work on the electrical.

The tub needs two GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupter)–one for the jets and one for the heater.

There was already one in this former backsplash outlet, so he was able to branch off that and run a new outlet.


There is an outlet on the back side of the tub wall in the dining room. He’ll convert that one to GFCI (am I the only one who just says “GFI”??) and run an outlet over to the adjacent wall for the tub.

back of outlet

change outlet

While he was doing that, I did some texturing and then primed.

Whoever textured over the original wallpaper did a pretty good job, but they left lots of bumps and ridges, which I don’t like. So I scraped them off where I could, and flattened them out with more joint compound in lots of places.


I had my primer tinted the same color that I wanted to paint so I should only need one coat of paint when we get to that. I wouldn’t normally prime if I’m painting walls that are already painted. Unless of course I’m going much lighter or darker, in which case primer is great! But since I had new drywall and texture, primer was a must. Now the walls are all uniform and will take paint the same.


It looks so much better than four wall surfaces (old wallpaper, joint compound, lime green paint, and new green drywall). Having one wall surface goes a long way in making this room look like we’re getting somewhere. Finally.




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