Keepin’ It Real

So a while back someone said to me that they wish their house always looked as good as mine does. I almost fell over laughing. (Not really. I’m a very calm and collected person.) Not long after that, someone else mentioned how great my house looked. Um, they weren’t IN MY HOUSE at the time. I assured them that things aren’t always perfect here, but I’m not sure they believed me.

This is a blog. I take pictures of things that are pretty. Or at least I try. (Someday I’ll make it a goal to actually learn how to take a picture.) But that doesn’t mean there isn’t unfolded laundry right behind me or a sink full of dishes. And don’t even ask about dust. Holy cow.

No, no, no. I’m not that friend of yours who ALWAYS has a perfect house. Even when you stop by unannounced it looks like a fifty-person cleaning crew just left and she’s all, “Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry my house is such a mess.” Go ahead and slap her. Or smear something on her wall. I understand. I honestly am not her. I promise.

Imagine your own house. If you’re a working mom, imagine it is Sunday afternoon so your entire family has been home for two whole days making messes. Then remember that my family is always home. If you’re a SAHM whose children go to school, pretend that they don’t. You know how you go grocery shopping or do laundry and all those other chores/errands while your kids are at school? Yeah, I’m educating my children during that time.

So now that you’ve got that pictured, imagine that there are five unfinished projects scattered throughout the house. Also there is a construction site in your bathroom. And a bathtub in your bedroom. Maybe a storm door in your living room. I’m not even going to mention the garage.

storm door

I love my life. We have a great thing going on here. The hubs and I are apparently both high energy (that’s totally different than high maintenance), but we’re not perfect. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. I’m not Super Woman. Sometimes my house is super clean. Most of the time it is not.

The next time someone says they wish their house looked like mine, I might accommodate them. I’ll come over and dump some dust around. And I’ll bring twelve loads of laundry. And a huge bucket of Lego bricks to scatter throughout the house. Heck, I might even bring a couple of my little guys and have them pee on the floor. Or the wall. Maybe the shower curtain. (Why is it so hard to get the urine IN the toilet?!) Just kidding. Mine have outgrown that. Mostly.


So in the interest of not coming off like Super Woman, here is what my house looks like right this very second.

The four-year old made some baby wipe art the other night. He is so proud that these wipes stayed on the wall all by themselves. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to take them down.


The entry dresser is a dumping ground.

entry dresser

There are toys (especially of the Lego variety) all over the place.


Transformers on the couch.


Train tracks in the floor.

train track

Socks and shoes in front of the fireplace.

shoes and socks

(I’m starting to think someone in this family might get babied too much.)

Shoes clutter the entryway. (And tile samples that need to be returned.) (And a pair of swim goggles.)


There are mirrors leaning in the hallway.


Swimtrunks and towels are draped all over the bathroom we’re currently sharing. (And there’s dirty laundry in the floor.)

boy bathroom

There are countless tile samples strewn about my bedroom.

tile samples tile

There are also bathroom drawers sitting around in random places.

drawer drawers

And of course a bathtub.

bathtub bedroom

Boxes in the living room.


This picture was taken during the weekend, and is too representative of the frequent chaos around here.

real life

That’s a train board in the entryway. Bags of items to be returned to the store. A shredder that was brought in here because our shred pile is getting way too big and we won’t forget to get around to that if we have to step over it. A socket set. Some toys. A random flipflop. Just one, of course.

The boys’ room is…*trying to find the right word to use here*…it’s….well, it looks like you might imagine a room shared by three boys who leave shoes and clothes and toys and books everywhere might look.

The floors need to be swept, the toilets need to be scrubbed, there are a kajillion loads of clean laundry to put away, the dishwasher needs to be emptied AGAIN. I really need to dust the blinds and ceiling fans. The kitchen counter is getting cluttered again (I find it phenomenal how that happens).

counter clutter

But we’re just watching movies and eating popcorn. If it ever stops raining, I’ll probably work in the yard while it’s cool. And then I’m going to organize the pantry. And then I need to source some lighting options. And go grocery shopping. And make dinner. Then I’ll probably hem a skirt. And start typing the next blog post. Who has time for housework?


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