Third Time’s a Charm

Remember back in May when we got a bathtub from Lowe’s? And then it was cracked so we had to order a new one and that was quite the fiasco?

Well, long story short, we got a right hand motor and we needed a left hand motor.

right motor left motor

See the difference?

Of course it sat in our bedroom for weeks (and weeks!) before we realized/decided we needed the other one.

“Oh my word. Are you kidding me? You really want to deal with exchanging this dumb tub again? Can’t you just make it work?”

“No, Avone. The plumbing will be in the wrong spot and I can’t move all of the pipes running into the house under the concrete. I’ll go in and order another one and have them take this one back when they deliver it.”

And that’s what he did. He ordered a new one and was told it would be in on July 14. He worked from home that day so he could be here to inspect it. Guess what happened.

Nothing happened. July 14 came and went and we still had a right-hand motor. The order never got placed.

(Also, let me just throw in that I scheduled a doctor’s appointment on July 14 since the hubs would be home to watch the kids. It turned out to be a frustrating HMO ordeal and we’ll probably be paying out-of-pocket for that visit, even though we pay hundreds of dollars a month in insurance premiums. Argh! I cried. It was a very frustrating day. Poor me and my suburban first-world problems.)

Let me pause right here to say that I love Lowe’s. Still. They have the best customer service around (though clearly they need to work on their communication with each other). Their prices are great. The selection is wonderful. Returns are hassle-free. And the store is just much more user friendly than its competitors.

They also work really hard at fixing their mistakes (once they realize they’ve made them). And they’re great about rectifying their screw ups, often providing a discount or waving delivery fees. And don’t forget they’re willing to haggle.

I, however, cannot in good conscience recommend their special order or delivery services. We’ll probably use them again, but I definitely can’t speak highly of them. (One time our carpet got installed in someone else’s house! FULLY installed before they realized the error.)

We really don’t do special order often. We’re not fancy people. We pretty much buy what’s in stock (unless it’s something we CAN’T buy in stock–like this specific corner bathtub). I want with all that is within me to say, “you know, we’ve bought thousands of items from Lowe’s over the years and we’ve really only had two or three issues.” But the truth is, we’ve only used Lowe’s for carpet the one time and we used them for counters a couple times and now this bathtub. One of the counter orders was entered incorrectly. So yeah. Three out of four times they’ve messed up our special orders. And the delivery. Yikes. What a mess!

And yet I still confess my undying love for that place! So take that for what it’s worth. Maybe they’re so great that it’s easy to overlook a couple of mistakes? Or maybe love is blind and I’m stupid?

So anyway. They placed the order for real this time and told the hubs that it would take about two weeks to come in. They promised it by the end of July. That’s ELEVEN weeks after the original purchase and over a month after we wanted to install it.

It came in a week earlier than expected! Woohoo!

lowes truck

And this time they sent two guys and a forklift.


Last time they sent one guy with no forklift and the hubs was at work. Yep, last time it was me and one guy…this time it was three guys and a forklift. Some days I really do feel like Super Woman. Just kidding. It’s not heavy.

Super boring video:

Of course we made sure it was the left motor.

left motor

And we opened it before they left to make sure it wasn’t cracked/broken/purple/heart-shaped.

tub inspection

cale in tub

So that’s the story of how it took three tries to get our bathtub. Now to get this baby installed and move along with this room…

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