It’s not always black and white.

We’re not painting the house yet. Really. We’re not.

But I did need to paint the garage door since I had tested paint colors on it.

painted garage

I had also tested paint on the molding surrounding the front door.

paint test

You don’t really see this very well from the road (thanks to our trees and being on a slight hill), so it wasn’t as mandatory, but it was annoying me. I really didn’t think I could leave that until the fall. Not if I wanted to sleep at night. Which I do.

Black paint is difficult. It’s as tricky as white. Maybe worse. Why can’t there just be one black paint? Why is there “black” paint that looks purple in certain lights? Or navy? Or even really, really dark hunter green? Why do we need those?

Imagine a world where there is one black. You could mix and match swimsuit tops and bottoms with ease. You could wear black skinnies with a black tank without feeling like a clashing moron. You could wear the blazer from your pantsuit with that great pencil skirt and it would be the same color. Black. The one black.

I got a sample of Lincoln Cottage Black (Valspar samples only come in interior, but use exterior paint for outdoors to resist fading). It looked to be the best normal ol’ black on the card in the store, so I figured it would be great. Turns out it’s more like dark charcoal. I’m kinda old fashioned, but I like paints that are black to be named black and charcoal to be named charcoal. I know. I’m so weird.

Here’s one coat.

one coat

And here’s two coats.

two coats

Kinda hard to tell with the sun reflecting, but it’s definitely not as black as the storm door right beside it.

I wasn’t going to waste any more time or money on black paint samples. I’ve already learned this lesson in the past. Or should have at least. (This isn’t my first rodeo, y’know.) I skipped right to the pre-mixed like I should have done in the first place. (I didn’t get it originally because it only comes in quarts and I might need more than that if we get shutters. But I guess I’ll deal with that when the time comes.)

black paint

I caulked all the cracks, paying special attention to the places where we had altered the molding.

black caulk

Here’s what it looks like now.

door molding

So much better than the country blue/gray from before. And it will look even better when I paint that siding and remove/relocate those cables.

Now I’m considering painting the doorbell plate again. It was originally brass, and I painted it bronze before I decided on black for the molding.


I’ll probably paint it stainless steel or satin nickel to match the storm door handle so you can actually see it against the black molding. It never ends around here.

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