The Post Post

So we have one post on our porch. And it was looking pretty rough.

I didn’t want to replace it. It wasn’t to the point of being unsalvageable and we’re spending enough money these days already.

damaged post

Besides chipping paint and some cracking wood, it is still doing its job. It’s very sturdy and solid and the top is not in disrepair at all. The bottom, though, had some water damage.

water damage

I pulled those four pieces of molding off and found quite a disgusting looking mess.

pry off molding

stacked base

Just dirt and some bugs. I cleaned it up and cut some new base molding. (I also realized that the base molding had such a huge gap because this stacked base sticks out farther than the post, preventing the molding from sitting flush. I originally thought I could just use a good amount of caulk, but that didn’t please me, as mentioned below.)

new molding

I cut my base pieces at 45-degree angles, so they’d be mitered around the post.

45 degrees base molding

I originally thought about painting the post the color of the garage door (and future siding color), but decided that I preferred black. The door molding is black and the future shutters will be black, as well as the future house numbers and updated mailbox. I just thought this post fell more into the details category than the siding/trim category.

I sanded away the chipping paint where needed, and filled the cracking areas with black outdoor waterproof sealant. I just smeared it all down in there. There’s no way water will be causing any further damage here.


silicone post

That looks like paint, but it’s not. I smeared the heck out of it with sealant.

Then I caulked around my new base molding, and added a new line of caulk around the top where it meets the porch ceiling.

I used the same paint that I used for the molding around the front door.

black paint

(This is when I realized just caulk wasn’t going to cut it.)

I decided to beef up my base molding a bit more to cover where the molding had a bigger gap around the top than I liked. I didn’t want the same problem/water damage as before and I thought it was still too big of a gap to fill with caulk, even after I cut tight, new, mitered base-molding pieces. I used scrap pieces from an old yard stick. (It was getting dark by this point so I stopped for the night.)

yardstick molding

The next day, I caulked around the yardstick just for thoroughness’ sake.

more caulk

Then I painted it to match the rest.

painted base molding

This place is slowly looking better than the neglected-for-years home that we purchased. Slowly. Did I already say that? Very slowly.

porch post

The door molding looks funny from this angle, but it’s just hidden by the porch light. The ugly, old, too small, brass porch light. It’s on the list.

Oh hey, by the way, those citronella plants are pretty ugly, but they do a decent job of keeping the mosquitoes away. At least for about a two-foot radius. The porch is bearable, but if you go farther out in the yard they will eat you alive.

Pssst….I painted the doorbell plate like I mentioned in the door molding post.

nickel doorbell


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