A Little R&R?

We left for vacation yesterday. In the hubs’ tiny little Toyota hatchback commuter car. ‘Cause we’re cheap and that’s how we roadtrip. It comfortably seats two, but we can make it work for five.

Between cleaning house, visiting with different out-of-town friends two nights in a row, getting caught up on laundry, packing, cleaning the car, planning snacks and entertainment for a 41 hour road trip (really…that’s what Roadtrippers.com tells me it’ll be), I just didn’t have time in the last couple of days to prepare a wordy post for today.

road trip


(Don’t judge me. There are healthier options in the cooler. Fruits, veggies, chicken, turkey, CHEESE…yum! But car trips require carbs. That should be a new hashtag. #carbsforcars)

I did want to pop in and get you caught up with the progress, though, because I know all my third-grade classmates and former fast-food co-workers from two decades ago are dying to know what’s going on with my bathroom. Okay, maybe not. But some people care. This is for them.

We installed some baseboards.


And a toilet.

install toilet

A fancy dual flush one. With buttons marked “I” or “II”. Wait. Maybe that’s more tacky than fancy?


We made sure to use a flange extender to avoid this moldy situation that the previous owners caused when they installed tile without raising the toilet.


We also started working on the vanities, but I’ll save that for a post all its own.

And that’s where we left the bathroom. I’m not thrilled with the timeline, but I suppose a tub and toilet are the essentials so I’m gonna just forget all about it and enjoy some R&R. Pshhh. As if that’s what vacations are for. Not in this family!


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