I Can’t Sit Still

I don’t know if you guys have realized it, but I really can’t sit still for very long. Unless I’m playing Taboo or pinning. (Or chatting with the girls over coffee or cheese fries. I could do that for hours!) Spurts of Facebook here and there. But really, I’m not good at relaxing (except by the pool) and I only watch about two hours of TV most weeks. (Not because I’m anti-television, but just because I don’t like much. I miss LOST. And Friends.)

Instead, I like to make things over. (And soak up time with my boys, of course. Someone make them stop growing!)

I especially love to makeover free things. Free things that were headed to the trash are my favorite. It’s just some inner desire to re-purpose junk. I’m pretty sure it’s genetic.

Today’s post is about two things I’ve re-purposed lately that were both picked up from curbs. Separate curbs. During city-wide bulk pickup when we still lived in Norman. Yeah. That was a long time ago. But I’ve been busy.

I got this ottoman a couple of years ago now. I think it was the Fall Cleanup of 2012. I don’t know. I’m just making that up. 🙂 It’s been a while, though. I used it at our last house, but it hasn’t been in use here.


I brought it in from the garage last week to pull the legs off of it because I’m going to use them on our vanities. I’ll definitely blog all about it when we get back from vacation, but they aren’t completely built yet.

legs base

Anyway, I was left with this…

remove base

Obviously I could have thrown that away. But it was screaming at me for a new purpose. I mean, I couldn’t exactly knock its legs off and then leave it with no meaning in life. How sad.

I had a lot of this fabric shower curtain left over.

shower curtain

I bought it mainly for a lamp shade, but that left me with plenty for future projects.

lamp shade

I used the base as a template to know how big to cut my top piece.

trace base

And then I remembered that I had some coordinating piping left from a pillow project a long time ago.


I hate piping. I used to be scared of it. It’s not scary, and there’s really no reason to hate it. I’m just an impatient sewer. I think it’s the sitting still that I hate.

But this was such a quick, small project that I figured I could even pipe it before I got antsy.

As always, I’m not reinventing the wheel here. Tutorials aren’t my thing. Especially sewing ones. I’m no expert. I’m sure youtube has lots of piping tutorials if you’re wanting to learn. Don’t be scared. It’s not as hard as I thought it would be back before I tried it a couple years ago.

One tip, though. I like to go ahead and tack my piping to one side of my fabric first rather than just sandwich it in between my layers. This comes back to piping fear again. I’m worried that it might slip out from in between there and I won’t realize for like an entire yard and then I’ll have to rip it all out and start over. That’s like triple the sitting still time. Eek.

tack piping

Another benefit of doing it that way is that you will have a stitch line to follow that shows exactly where the edging of your piping is, so even though you can’t see it, you know you aren’t sewing right through the middle of it. Does that make any sense?

piping stitch

I stapled my new cover to the ottoman. I used a pneumatic gun because I have it, but a manual staple gun is perfect for this.

staple underneath staple gun

I sanded, primed, and painted the edge of my base white and then I added little slider feet.


For two seconds I considered casters, but decided on more of a pouf thingy.


It’s great that it has the wooden base, because it can slide around without getting filthy, but it’s so thin that you don’t even see it. This thing is perfect for extra casual seating anywhere. It’d be great for pulling up to the coffee table while playing games. (Who’s up for Taboo?!)

piped pouf

Alright. This is getting kinda wordy, and I’m trying to be better about that, so I’ll go ahead and save the next project for another day. Especially since we’re on vacation and not getting any work done right now. I know a few of you (like my twin brother who reads faithfully. Ha. Just kidding.) will have withdrawals if I go too long without a post, so I’ll be back in a few days to tell you about the other project.


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