I Can’t Sit Still (part 2)

So last time I told you about an ottoman that I found on the curb and re-purposed into a fun little pouf. (The legs will also be reused on our bathroom vanities.)

We’re on vacation right now, but I worked up this post about another curb-side find so that my brother wouldn’t have to go too long without reading my blog. ‘Cause I know he’d die. 🙂

So anyway…

I also had this desk organizer thingy. Like stacked in/out/to-do boxes or whatever.


It also came from someone’s trash pile. I don’t recall when exactly; sometime in the last year or two.

When I saw it on the curb, I wanted it for the trays and knew right away I’d take them apart. I was thinking of using them in drawers to organize nail polish, makeup, art supplies, etc. I wasn’t even planning on changing them if they were inside a drawer.

But they were never the right fit for anything yet.

And then I was getting annoyed at the pile of clutter that gathers on the card catalog. Glucose meter, insulin, stack of mail, catalog I want the hubs to look at, user manuals, broken toys for Daddy to fix. The card catalog is kinda where we pile stuff for him to deal with. It gets all spread out over the entire surface and drives me crazy. (Though he/we are wonderful about putting wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, bills, etc in the proper drawers. Seriously the best piece of furniture I’ve ever purchased!)

Last time I dusted up there I was all, “we have to have a better method. Surely I have a tray around here to corral all this stuff?”

Well, of course I do. I have a few. But they’re all too big. And they’re in use elsewhere. I needed a decorative tray, but not so big that it took up the entire surface. It needed to be small enough to hold manageable amounts of junk. I didn’t want it to become a huge, out-of-control junk holder.

I remembered these were barely bigger than an 8″x10″ piece of paper. That would be perfect! So I brought them in and took them apart. They were just held together on this stand by tiny nails. They pried right out.

pry nail

I scraped off the old labels and filled the holes with wood filler.

scrape label wood filler

I wanted to keep the bottom natural, inspired by this serving tray I had recently seen at Target, so I grabbed some junk mail and taped it off.

tape bottom

Then I spray painted it. I bet you think I used Tropical Oasis, huh? That’s my favorite (it and Tropical Foliage, of course), but I actually liked this brighter color called Exotic Sea. I don’t remember what project I originally bought it for, but I already had it on hand. It’s like a paint store around here, guys. Seriously.

cut tape line

I used a blade to make sure I got a clean line before I pulled my tape off.

clean paint line

I love how it turned out.

lacquered tray

The spray paint is high gloss, which makes the tray almost look lacquered. Who doesn’t love a lacquered tray? Oh my goodness; I’ll take one in every color. Or at least two more colors. Hmm…where do I want to use the other two?

card catalog