We’re Back. And so is Brass.

We got back from vacation Saturday night. We took the day off on Sunday. Well, not “off” off. I had to unpack, do laundry, clean out the car (holy cow!), clean the toilets (amazing how they get so nasty when not in use), cook a couple of meals…just general getting-back-to-real-life kinda stuff. But we didn’t dive headfirst back into the master bathroom.

Okay, I’ll be honest. We didn’t dive in, but we did stick our feet in just a tiny bit. We briefly discussed the vanities to make sure we were on the same page and the hubs changed out an electrical outlet that hadn’t been replaced yet. For some reason there was a straggler, but I think that’s the last of them. They’re all white and pretty and tight now.

I did want to pop in today and show you a tiny little thing that I did back before our vacation, though. It’s nothing big, but I think it’s cute and hopefully it will inspire someone.

If you aren’t reading Young House Love, you totally should be. They are a husband and wife team who blog full-time. Like for real. It’s their job. They also own, and know how to use, a camera. So don’t compare me to them. But if you like my blog, you’ll probably love theirs.

Anyway, they stumbled their way into a product line at Target. Of course I ran right out and bought every item as soon as it hit the shelves. Just kidding. I totally didn’t. But I did grab some things once they went on clearance. Don’t feel bad, John and Sherry; even Nate Berkus ends up on the clearance aisle at Target. And he’s Oprah’s bestie. So yeah.

For real though, Target has product lines that are never intended to be permanent, kinda like with their rotating fashion designers. The Petersiks’ items were like that. They were only on shelves for a limited time and now they’re being cleared out to make room for the next up-and-coming newbie or well-known favorite. I’m always anxious to see who’s next. (By the way, the items are still available online at full price, which seems to indicate that they’ll be around for a bit longer in case you want something. The octopus is adorable! I bought him also.)

One of the items in the product line was a bee hook.

bee hook

I am not crazy attached to bees or have any fondness for them like the Petersiks do (each package tells why they chose that particular design), but it reminded me of 90’s wallpaper that was all the rage. Remember?

bee wallpaper

I didn’t need it as a hook, but I thought it would be a cute paper weight. The bee portion is separate from the hook, so I didn’t even have to modify it. It just slid right off. (It’s designed that way so you can screw the hook into the wall and then slide the bee down over the screw. Clever.)

back bee hook

I decided to give it some gold paint. I don’t know if “brass is back” or not (like I’ve been hearing for 4 years), but I’m quite fond of it right now. I never thought I’d say that. I don’t mean 90’s faux brass door knobs or drawer pulls or light fixtures. Not that kind of gold/brass. But a softer, aged, true brass look is my cup of tea right this second. I could hate it tomorrow. Hooray for spray paint.

I gave the entire thing a coat of gold spray paint first.

gold spray paint

Then I dry brushed on a different gold paint to give it some depth and dimension, so it didn’t look like a cheap 90’s doorknob. That knocked down the sheen a bit and made it look more like authentic brass. (Even though this paint is called Gleams, it’s almost matte.)

gold craft paint

I’m loving it and might go a bit crazy. I tend to get obsessive when I love a new trend.

gold bee

How ’bout gold bathroom vanities? Hide the spray paint, babe!

bee paper weight

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