What Happened to Summer?

Okay…so…things don’t always go as planned when you renovate. Sometimes there are hang ups and it extends the timeline. Of course you all know that happened to us with the dumb special-order bathtub that took three tries with multiple weeks in between each time. (If you’re new around here, you can read all about it here, here, and here.)

The bathtub alone pretty much took the entire summer. Seriously. It’s like nearly over. We were supposed to be wrapping up the bathroom pretty much this week so we could paint the classroom, install a light (we’ve been without one all summer), and get things organized in there so I can get lessons planned and ready to go.

We never start school before Labor Day. Nope. Can’t make me. So we have a tiny bit of time, but I’m most assuredly sure without a doubt positive that it won’t be enough time to finish the bathroom and get the classroom ready.

We’re just gonna do what we can. And probably not pull all the classroom stuff out and paint. Maybe we’ll do that over Christmas break?

I just don’t think that kind of moving backwards is good for my mental state right now. You know how when you organize your closets or cabinets or garage or attic or even just a junk drawer? You know how it gets way worse before it gets better? And stuff is everywhere? I can’t do that right now. I can’t risk it. I can’t pull the shelves and desks and all of their contents out into my hallway and living room right now. (If you recall, it also houses all of the toys.)

It’s much more important that we finish the bathroom and work on actual education stuff. Paint can wait. Lesson plans and curriculum planning cannot.

So, with all that said…we’re back to work on the master bathroom and hopefully it will be done before September. But it won’t. That’s like one weekend away, right?

On another note, I had my cell phone inside one of those water proof pouches around my neck INSIDE my wetsuit while on vacation and it STILL GOT WATER IN IT! I didn’t even realize it for a few hours, but I pulled the battery and we went and bought some rice as soon as we could. The phone *mostly* still works. The speaker doesn’t work, so don’t be upset if I take forever to return a call or respond to a text. (The internal speaker for phone calls still works, so I guess that’s like the most important part of a phone?) The camera doesn’t work either. So yeah. I have no pictures for today. 🙁

I’m squeezing every last drop out of this summer, so I might not have any updates for the next couple of weeks. Or I might. Just depends on whether or not I feel like DIYing and/or blogging. And there’s also the matter of a camera. Too bad I’m over a year away from a phone upgrade. *Sigh*

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