Anger Management?

I’m tired y’all. We’ve been doing school earlier than usual (we’re not morning people around here) so that we can get to the house by late afternoon. (It’s a long drive from Edmond to East Norman! Can’t believe we bought that house and lived in it when the hubs worked up here.) It’s only Wednesday and this has been a really loooong week for us. But we’ve made great progress on the house. Hooray!

We have a texture sprayer. Thank goodness! Because we had ELEVEN holes to fill at the rent house. Not nail holes. (There were way more of those.) I’m talking big holes. Like probably fist size. Some lower ones are maybe foot size. Yikes. (I don’t know. I didn’t ask.)

My kids always like the tools that look fun or make great noises. I wish I could type the sound the texture sprayer makes. The boys wanted to help, but of course we’re much too picky to let them spray texture on the walls. And we’re in a hurry. We gotta get this thing turned around.

But the hubs did let them learn how to knock down texture, and there was plenty of opportunity to practice.

IMG_20140907_161609713 IMG_20140907_161517422


He’s mastered it already. Can’t even tell where the holes were. Woohoo!


I think this might be my husband’s favorite house (possibly because it required the least work when we purchased it?). It’s our youngest house (almost new when we bought it) and the largest rental. It’s the only home we’ve owned with a dedicated study/fourth bedroom (it has a closet, so it functions great for either one). It’s in a quiet neighborhood with a park, walking trails, and a lake. I like it a lot also, but the location prevents it from being my favorite. Not that it’s in a bad neighborhood or anything (it’s totally not), it’s just not my dream area and there’s no pool. But it’s a great house. We’ve both said multiple times that it would be perfect if we could move it.

Thankfully, the renters didn’t cause any lasting or super expensive damage. The entire house has to be repainted and everything needs a major cleaning…as in we have to clean up other people’s urine and scrape food off the walls. And of course the furry baseboards and hole patching previously mentioned. Fix some light fixtures and a busted cabinet door. Maybe some new flooring if a steam cleaning doesn’t help this carpet. (It’s matted. And there’s gum. And it’s black…it’s only a few years old.) And the toilets might need replacing. They seem to be permanently stained? Yuck.

It’s in worse condition than when we bought it, and it was funky then. All this nastiness is giving me deja vu. We purchased it from a relocation company after months on the market at a time when houses were selling in under a week. A “relo” (rhymes with repo) is when someone takes a new job and their employer offers to help them sell their house. They will often provide the realtor as part of the benefits package. They promise to buy your house for a set amount if you haven’t sold it by time you need to relocate.

The house wasn’t selling because it was nasty (owned by a 20-something bachelor…no offense, but stereotypes exist for a reason) and it was in a neighborhood where there were still brand new houses being built for barely over its asking price. (Why buy a dirty “used” house when you can get brand new?) So he relocated and the price dropped and then we snatched it up with plans to clean it and flip it. And then the bottom fell out of the real-estate market so we converted it to a rental instead and moved on to the next place.

There was nothing wrong with it (it was practically brand new then), so we didn’t have to do much work. Lots of cleaning and some new carpet. But we also decided to close in an awkwardly-placed totally-open formal dining room and add a closet, making a study (or optional 4th bed) which is much more usable to the average family and/or college students who usually rent in that area.

We have lots of work to do, but I think we can get this place looking like the gorgeous home that it is by the end of the week if we go over every day and sleep there this weekend. My crazy husband has already listed it (using old pics) so that we can get some showings scheduled for the weekend (which we have…yippee??). Of course I’m all, “what happens when we don’t finish and there are showings?” But whatever.

I’m so ready to get back to work on our own house. Someday we’re going to finish the master bathroom. Someday….




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  2. So far my renters are keeping up my house clean and neat. Or at least, from my vantage point in the front room when I pick up the rent. There is still work I want to do to the house. Probably because it is my baby! The first house I bought and everything. Pat thinks I’m crazy with wanting to continue to fix up a rent house. What do you think?

    • We usually do a little bit here and there when tenants move out. I’m of the mindset that you should always be making tiny, affordable updates and improvements along the way, even in a rental. Otherwise, you’ll eventually have a dated house that no one wants to live in (or that you’ll collect less rent for just because it’s dated). Obviously don’t gut a kitchen in a rental, but new counters one time or tile the next or appliances eventually. If the house is fairly new, you can likely go a few years without doing anything. Then maybe just paint or update the hardware. Make sense? Just don’t spend all your profit. 🙂

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