*Insert Negative-sounding Title Here*

Psst…I had record-breaking views last week, with 73% coming from new visitors. Based on the titles of last week’s posts that caught your attention, something tells me you guys want to see me suffer/fail. 😉 Well, you’ll be thrilled to know that after 11 years (ELEVEN YEARS!) with no tenant issues, we’re issuing back-to-back eviction notices this month. More on that later. I’m too exhausted/emotional/cranky/angry to talk about it right now, so here’s the post I prepared for today….

I totally got distracted and all consumed by the eviction and forgot to show you guys the upstairs desk area where I planned to use the Thonet knockoff chair that I showed you a couple of weeks ago.

If you recall from when I built a two-dollar console table and hung a mini gallery over it, we have a landing upstairs in front of the boys’ room.

boys room2

When you come up the stairs and look right, it looks like this now. (Yeah, I know. My pics are worse than ever. I’m using whatever old cell phones I can find around here to take pics. My camera is totally ruined.)

boys room

If you turn left, the space is a mirror image but instead of that open area, there is a built-in desk and some cabinetry. (Does that make it NOT a mirror image? Whatever. YKWIM.)


Remember when I said that some of our woodwork was like Christie Brinkley and some looked more like a meth addict? Well, this cabinetry is the Christie Brinkley of this house. It’s going on 32-years old now and looks amazing. There is not a scratch, dent, ding or scuff on it. The finish is still perfect and shiny smooth. Seriously. It’s like brand new. Apparently no one ever used this area??

If it were being built today, there would totally be internet/cable connections. Heck, there’s not even an outlet or a phone jack here. Odd. Even in 1983, it would have been great to have a lamp or phone here, right?

When we first moved in, I thought this cabinet would be perfect for holding craft stuff and fabric. I figured the desk area would be great for my sewing machine until I realized there’s not even an electrical outlet. The hubs said he could add one easily enough, but it hasn’t been a priority. The attic is right behind there, so he can punch through someday.

It ended up storing office-y stuff instead. We don’t have a dedicated office, but this cabinet is plenty big enough for housing paperwork, the printer, the shredder, tax info, our fire-proof box of SS cards, birth certificates, car titles, etc. So, it only makes sense to create a bill-paying area at this desk. From the time we moved in until now, we have had boxes just stashed in this area. I finally got around to putting that stuff in its permanent home and clearing off the desk. That motivated me to make it pretty.

I figured I might as well continue the color scheme from the other end of the hall/landing/balcony. (It overlooks the classroom, so I don’t know if “hallway” is the best name for it. Whatever it is.)


(They’re wearing shorts. 🙂 )

While I was spraying the faux Thonet chair with Sea Glass by Krylon, I also took some accessories out to my high-tech painting area.

sea glass accessories

That tray on the left is just another one of these wooden trays. The little octopus is from YHL (RIP?). As I mentioned when I painted the bee hook, they explain on their packaging why they chose each item.


So. Much. Packaging.


They have one that comes in a teal color, but I found the white one on clearance and decided it’d be cute as a paper weight also. I don’t really need these super large hooks; they totally should have marketed these items as paper weights.


paper weight

See that calendar corner? It looked like this before…

calendar corner

And then I took some colored masking tape to it.

green masking tape

Then it looked like this…

green calendar corner

I also ran a piece over the top binding.

calendar top green calendar top

I threw a matching pencil up there because I already had it and I’m dorky like that.

matching pencil

That thing to the left is a $1 magazine file from The Dollar Spot.

I also grabbed two sizes of Kassett boxes last time I was at IKEA. I replaced the provided white labels with some cut up paint chips.

kassett boxes kassett

paint chip


That thing at the bottom is an old magnetic board I got at IKEA years ago. They’ve changed the sizing of it, but it’s the old version of this one. We’ve clocked dozens (hundreds?) of hours playing with Fridge Phonics on that thing.

fridge phonics

♪”Every letter makes a sound; B says ‘buh.'”♫

Anyway…I sprayed it with spray adhesive and covered it with chevron wrapping paper. Then I added some magnet buttons and current pics of my boys.

magnet board

And some plants.


desk area


If only we could agree on a light fixture to replace this one that casts all kinds of weird shadows, we’d be finished with the hallway/landing/balcony/upstairs walkway.

weird cast light

For now. Until I get a wild hair and paint all that gorgeous-but-not-my-preference wood. But that would mean all the doors get painted. And the railings. And the baseboards and casings. *Sigh* Never mind.



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