Eviction Woes (part 2 of ?)

So we finished up E1 over the weekend. The tenant at E2 was supposed to be out by Sunday (my husband is seriously generous in allowing them extra time) and we were going to start working on it this week.

The hubs stopped by E2 Saturday to see if the guy was even there or had started moving stuff out. He went inside (after giving him 48 hours notice, per the lease…we really are considerate landlords 🙂 ) I was over at E1 working and didn’t see the house, but the hubs cried got something in his eye.

He said it was filthy. Food all over our white cabinets that my husband built from scratch (is lumber “from scratch” or is that just for flour??). Almost like there was a food fight?

The bathrooms were nasty. The carpet was black (the guy works on oil wells and apparently wears his boots even at home. *sigh*). There were no animals, but there were multiple pet beds and food bowls all over. (I’m sure the backyard is covered in poop.) Oh yeah, by the way, his lease says no pets. The hubs’ legs were covered in fleas. So that’s awesome.

I still haven’t seen it yet (since we’re not allowed to go in now…more on that in a minute), but the hubs said it was fascinating how filthy he got that place in just a few months.

We cried. And mentioned the “S” word, “Should we just sell?” And then buried our worries in salsa and guacamole. Yum!

Then we got back to work on E1 and finished by Sunday night. Crazy week. We haven’t worked til 1am eight days in a row since we were flipping houses in our 20’s.

Our former neighbors messaged me on Sunday and told me he was there with a handful of guys and he was moving out. We were thrilled! We really thought we would go the entire eviction process with him.

And then, when we headed over there this week to start on the place, he wasn’t all the way moved out (they just got furniture apparently. What is it with people thinking they can move in one day?). Major let down. The hubs called him and told him he needed to come get the rest of his stuff because we were changing the locks the next day.

He said okay. He didn’t come. Just like when he said he’d pay last week and didn’t.

So the hubs took off work early again and went to the courthouse. The court date is weeks out and we aren’t allowed to change the locks or remove his stuff until then. Yeah. That makes complete sense.

So anyway, on Wednesday my husband spoke with the tenant and he promised to come get his stuff out and pay everything he owes us (in rent and late fees, not damages of course) by Friday in order to avoid court. I don’t believe him.

Today is Friday. I’m not holding my breath.

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