I Love the 70’s

You guys know what a “C” table is? It’s a table shaped like a letter C. Kind of a square-ish C usually. The table legs tuck underneath the sofa (or wherever) so that the top overlaps the furniture.

I think they’re perfect for chaises. Chez if you’re fancy.

As with most everything, they come in a wide variety of styles and price points. Here’s one for a kajillion dollars $2,339.10 from Wayfair and I got one for ten bucks from TJ Maxx a few years ago. Mine’s just a tubular aluminum frame, but they really do come in a wide variety of styles/materials/prices.

West Elm has a couple versions from $149-179.


Pretty sure you could make that one from pipes and lumber for about $20. Or you could go buy it. In the store. In Oklahoma City! Because we have a West Elm now! What??!!?!

I won’t be heading there anytime soon. Stupid tenants.

Anyway. Here’s my cheapo aluminum C table from TJ Maxx.

white c table

It was purple when I got it and I immediately painted it white. I don’t like purple. At all. In any shade. I know. It’s weird. I love color. And I think purple is the only color of which I can say I don’t like any shade. I tried hard. I really did. I even bought a purple cardigan (which made this post funny in a that’s-hilarious-because-it’s-true kinda way). I’ve worn it twice. In four years. Sorry Pantone, I just can’t.

Oh yeah…forgot what I was talking about.

I painted mine white and put it over the chaise part of the sectional in my former living room. With my permission, the boys used it as a Beystadium for their Beyblades (LMGTFY). I didn’t realize how scratched up it would get.

scratched tray

So then they continued to use it since it was already scratched. And then the cousins came over and also used it. It worked perfectly. Then they all got real stadiums for Christmas or something. And then Beys went the way of every other toy–to die a slow death in a bin in a cubbie only to bring tears to all involved when it’s time to say a permanent goodbye. Someday. I’m too weak right now.

Oh yeah…the table.

I unscrewed the top from the frame. (Notice I didn’t bother to paint the bottom.)

purple bottom

I sprayed the frame with my gold paint that looks like a great aged brass. Then I sprayed the tray part with a color called Roasted Coffee.

roasted coffee roasted coffee paint

painted tray

I had some peel-and-stick laminate (pretty much just fancy shelf paper) that I used to line the tray so that it would look like wood and tie into some of the tones in my living room.


If you use a credit card or something to get the bubbles out, you really can get amazing results with this stuff. I used my license. (Which I noticed still says 115 lbs. Bahahaha! At what point do they force people to update their weight? Are they eventually all, “um, no, girlfriend. What’s the real poundage?”)

lined tray

Then I just screwed it back on and put it in place.

c table

It looks like a faux wood T.V. tray from the 70’s. And that’s a good thing. Reminds me of my grandparents. And Wheel O’ Fortune.

I realize not everyone loves this kinda thing, but I like a little funky faux 70’s stuff every once in a while. Plus, it plays well with the wood tones in my card catalog, our MCM buffet, and this huge barrel I’ve had forever.


I got in at Bombay in Penn Square Mall a trillion years ago. Remember Bombay? I loved that store. And Trevors. And Crossroads Mall. And TG&Y. Okay just kidding. I don’t miss TG&Y, but Crossroads for real makes my heart hurt.

Why do we need new toys every year? And why is a mall that’s my age discarded like it’s on Route 66 or something? And what the heck is so wrong with Route 66? (I KNOW what’s wrong with Route 66. I’ve traveled the full length of it. The part that’s drivable anyway.) But y’know…be content y’all. Slap some peel-and-stick laminate on it and use it another 35 years. Good grief.

*She says as she FINALLY gets back to the total bathroom gut job.*

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