Eviction Woes (part 387)

Or something like that. I lost count. I’m as tired of experiencing this as you surely are reading about it. But, it’s still ongoing and the point of this blog is to look back years in the future and be able to say, “Oh yeah. Remember that one time____________?” That includes the fun times as well as the bad (because it’s great to see what you’ve survived), so I’m going to have at least one more post about these stupid evictions. Hopefully they’ll stop soon.

So anyway, if you’ve been keeping up with this saga, you know that E1 is finally cleaned up and repaired and back up for rent. It’s still vacant. Just like I knew it would be. We’ve had a few showings, but one guy smoked (no way!), one family had huge dogs (we’ll consider small ones), one family needed a bit more room, and one guy laughed when we responded to his question, “well, what’s the process to get in this place?” The hubs said that we verify employment, call your current landlord, and check your credit just to make sure you’re likely to pay your rent. The guy said, “I can tell you right now mine is horrible” and preceded to tell this awkward story about his ex/dead wife and New Orleans. So yeah. Still vacant. I imagine it will be until the semester change. There’s a reason we never make our leases end during this time of year. Argh.

Since the people living in E1 moved out, we didn’t have to continue with the full eviction process. We had so much work to do on the house, and we had to start all the process with E2 since he wasn’t moving out. And I’m still homeschooling my children and the hubs has a day job. It just got pushed to the back burner.

We’ll have to sue them to get what we’re owed, and that’s on the to-do list, but we can only handle one court case at a time. *Sigh*

So that’s coming up in the future, but right now we’re on to E2. We had the first court appearance last week. The tenant didn’t show up, so the judge ruled that we could access our house in 48 hours, but had to store his belongings (at our cost) for 30 days. After that point, we can sell or dispose of them as we wish.

The tenant knew that he had to be out by the end of those 48 hours, because the eviction notice and time line was posted on the door (and removed by him, presumably). The hubs contacted a Norman process server and told him to go over that next evening, when it was probable that the tenant would be removing his remaining possessions.

The day after that evening, the process server called my hubs and said that he had gone over that morning and couldn’t reach him. Oh my word. Did you understand what you just read? We were livid.

Hubs: I specifically asked you to go last night because it was the last night he’d have access to the property. You said you could go over last night, so I didn’t contact any other servers.

Process server: I couldn’t make it over until this morning. I’ll try again later today.

H: He won’t be there. I’m here. He no longer has access to the house. If you wouldn’t have told me you were going, I would have contacted someone else.

PS: Well, let’s call it even and I won’t charge you.

Ya think?!!?!

So we missed our only probable chance of serving him. He works (and now lives) out of town. It’s not likely that we’ll be able to serve him, and we can’t collect any money until we have a judgement. We can’t get a judgement unless he gets served.

His employer was contacted and said they try to stay out of personal matters. Ugh. We’ll have to get an attorney to get more cooperation it seems.

We’ve tried to contact process servers in the town in which he supposedly now lives, but thus far we haven’t had any of our calls returned. Also, he works out of town for weeks at a time (oil wells), so I’m not sure how successful it would be to try and serve him anyway. It’s pretty necessary to have his employer cooperate and tell us where his current job site is. I hope we can do that without hiring an attorney.

The people from E1 still work and live in Norman, so hopefully they’ll be easier to serve when we get to that.

Back to E2. So we were finally able to get into the house. I was torn. I was hoping it’d be full of furniture/electronics/etc that we might be able to at least Craigslist (that’s a verb) after the 30 days. But I was also not wanting it to be full of his junk that we would have to move out and store.

It wasn’t empty. But it didn’t have anything of value at all. It was pretty much just the junk that he didn’t want. I mentioned previously that it was a couple who rented the house and then he cheated and she moved out. So there were some dishes, candles, linens, girl stuff he didn’t care anything about. There were some clothes and shoes. A TV–the old kind that weighs a trillion pounds. A printer. A couple of shelves and bar stools. Toiletries and food. Trash. Lots of trash. Cleaning supplies that had never been used. Various half-used prescriptions.

It was clear that he took what he wanted and ran. He’s not going to miss any of this junk that we have piled up in the garage, and we’re not going to get any money for any of it. But I will have a new unused muffin pan and some new knives at the end of 30 days. Woohoo?

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about the condition of the house, since I’m running long here.



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