I considered titling this “Eviction Woes (part 5,842),” but I’m trying to get a handle on my tendency to exaggerate numbers. 🙂 Plus, this is not really an issue directly related to eviction. But first, the good news.

We showed E1 a few times this weekend and probably have it rented, pending our decision today based on the results of background and credit checks. Praise the Lord!

Every other moment of the weekend was spent at E2. We’re making great progress. After cleaning the floor about a dozen times (NO, that’s NOT an exaggeration), it looks like the carpet will come clean.

spot treat carpet spot treat

We’re spot treating the heck out of small stains at this point, but all of the ground-in dirt came out.

Remember the wax spot?


Here’s what it looks like now.

after wax

Not bad, right? There are a couple of spots there still, but I think another four or five rounds will get it out.

The house would have likely been ready to list for rent this week, had we not found mold. Yes, really.

It’s not the super bad kind, so that’s good. And I’m so glad we found it, because I don’t count on renters to notice this kind of thing.

Remember I said the floors were ruined in the room where we had our classroom? We had a super cheap fake wood in there. Not even laminate. Like sheet flooring. We installed it when we moved the classroom into that room, so that we could roll our chairs around easily.

classroom floor

At that point, we intended to put an addition onto the house…a classroom and possibly a half bathroom. We kept the carpet, because we wanted to be able to put it back when that room functioned as a bedroom for us again. Then, we realized that our roof line and the position that the house sits on the lot both made an addition not possible. Just as well since we decided to move out of Norman shortly after learning that.

We started to put the carpet back in for our renters when we moved out, but they wanted to use that room as an office anyway, so the carpet just hung out in the attic.

And then the guy totally ruined that floor.

tear linoleum linoleum

Not the end of the world, since we have the carpet, but still annoying. How in the world did that even happen?

So the hubs went in there to tear the floor out and the underside was covered in mildew/mold. He came and got me and my first thought was, “why is there so much moisture on this floor?” (This is where I tell you guys to always use a moisture barrier when using wood or laminate, but that isn’t needed for this type of flooring.)

He continued to pull it the rest of the way up while I just stood in the doorway scratching my head. And then he got to the corner.

wet corner

Can you see that darkness? The concrete is wet. We both knew immediately that it must be a problem with the outside faucet that is on that corner. Most likely busted in the wall during a freeze. Which means it has been leaking for a good nine months.

We walked outside and around to the side of the house.

mineral deposits


Do you guys know what that white on the foundation and brick means? If not, listen up. Someday this might help you notice a water leak before you have moldy drywall and mildewy floors. Mineral deposits. Just like you get on your shower head and maybe even in the tray below your ice and water in the refrigerator door (some cities have much more than others). This is the same thing. Seeping through the concrete. Which indicates it has been there a while. Of course it has. Probably since it burst last winter.

Here’s the other side of that corner.

wet slab

See the darkness? That’s all soaked.

If this had been carpet, you would notice because it would be saturated. And with wood or laminate, you’d see it swell up. But I guess this sheet flooring (similar to old linoleum) keeps the water underneath since it’s non-porous. Which makes me want to make some sort of public service announcement here. I don’t personally have linoleum anywhere in any of my houses anymore, but if I did I’d be tearing it out. Why is that a good flooring option for a bathroom? Yuck! I don’t know about your kids, but mine splash. A lot. How could you NOT have mildew/mold under there? Gross.

The thing that I’m not sure about, though, is why this entire room isn’t flooded. In my experience, when a pipe busts, the water usually just keeps spraying until you turn off the water (to the whole house, not just turning off the faucet). This seems more like a leak, right? So I don’t know. We were not sure. I kept asking my husband questions and he didn’t know either. It has clearly been happening for a while. Those deposits take time, especially through concrete. And the other side (behind those bushes where there isn’t much sun) is green. As in moss.

It was almost the end of a very long weekend, so we just called it quits and went home. The hubs shut off the water to the entire house and we’ll tear into the drywall this week to figure it out. Hopefully it’s a tiny leak that’s easily fixed. But with our current luck, I’m sure it’ll require the entire house to be torn down.


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